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I miss the ice-dancing carnage

I woke up with a horrific migraine and a weird stomachache this morning--the second time both have happened in a week, actually, which is a bit disconcerting. If it turns out to be a half-vampire baby, I'm going to name it Nellouise Baseball Jones--so I sacked out half-conscious on the couch and watched Olympic beach volleyball for an hour or two (apparently Gibb and Rosenthal are really good, because the announcer kept screaming "Rosenthal! ROSENTHAL!!" like he was in bed with them). At some point, there was swimming. It was all kind of a blur.


For 'Soul Men' director, deaths of Mac, Hayes were doubly devastating; Officials: Isaac Hayes died of stroke; Scientology shenanigans?

Mystery torch guard becomes Chinese sex symbol.

Forget the Montauk Monster--ES EL CHUPACABRA!

Cops: 'Porn inspector' demands free videos. But was he also a certified muff diver? Credentials are important, you know.

Cops break into wrong house, leave note in magnetic fridge letters.

New short work from Morwood & Duane: "Enchantment Place."

Which Mainstream Author Do You Wish Would Write Science Fiction?

Lois McMaster Bujold’s Denvention 3 Speech: Full Of Awesome.

An Interview With Princess Mia.

Nostalgic look at old paperback anthologies of comics and humor mags.

C3PO to Parents: If You Love Your Children, You Will Buy These Toys [Retro Futurism].

The Hater: Revamped Clue Board Game Speaks To The Way We Live Now. "Personally, I would have rounded the 21st century weapon count up to ten with the addition of an Internet Predator, or Crate Full Of Trans Fats, but these weapons are a good start."

Worst Album Covers EVAAA!

Franz Ferdinand stream new song online.

Errol Morris on "Photography as a Weapon."

Movie Critic in Cigar and Cash-Smuggling Canadian Misadventure.

Get Your Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fix Anytime.

Two film icons in rare screentest: James Dean and Paul Newman.

'40-Year-Old Virgin' actor arrested near San Diego.

Images: First Look at 'Dorian Gray' (the same picture from the other day, only bigger); First Looks at Johnson's 'Brick' Follow-Up, 'The Brothers Bloom' (hey! It's Rachel Weisz! Wow, those are some goofy-looking headshots); 'Ping Pong Playa' Poster Premiere.

Trailers and clips: New Behind-the-Scenes Featurette on Henry Selick's 'Coraline'; Leaked Trailer: 'Underworld 3 - Rise of the Lycans'; Exclusive 'The Family That Preys' TV Spot; R-Rated Clip From 'My Best Friend's Girl.'

It's Twilight Tuesday! Stephenie Meyer Answers Your Burning 'Breaking Dawn' Questions. Somehow, this has been bumped to the VH1 website. Wow, MTV really hath forsaken her. Also: MTV outsources yet another Twilight feature to fan labor (Vampires On The Brain? Help Us Create A ‘Twilight’ Quiz!); ‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ Movie Possibilities, Is Extremely Optimistic; exclusive: Stephenie Meyer talks 'Breaking Dawn' (wait, this is a 10-part series?); Film Clips: Is 'Twilight' Anti-Feminist?; my soul craves this poster, mostly for the lulz; LEAVE STEPHENIE ALONE!

Should 'The Dark Knight' be Nominated for Best Picture?; The 'Dark Knight' Trailer As You Have Never Seen It Before... With Kids.

Dozens protest 'Tropic Thunder' premiere.

Indiana Jones Hits DVD and Blu-ray Oct. 14; DVD Details for 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.'

Angelina Jolie Replaces Tom Cruise in Edwin A. Salt; What male roles would you like to see played by a woman?

Tom Cruise Gets in 'Food Fight'?

J.J. Abrams Developing an Earthquake Movie Next!

Robert Downey Jr. calls out Batman, DC Comics, OH NO HE DI-IN'T.

Amy Winehouse To Release Unused James Bond Song; Amy Winehouse threatens James Bond battle with Jack White.

Stop Press: Radiohead Provides Score for 'Choke'?!; Don't Believe The Hype: Radiohead Haven't Recorded The "Score" To "Choke."

First review for 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.'

'The Spirit' is Looking Really, Really Bad.

Orlando Bloom to Star in Sarajevo Siege Film.

Bill Nighy A Pirate Of A Different Kind In ‘The Boat That Rocked.’

Screenwriter Zak Penn Reviving 'The Argonauts' for Fox.

'The Lucky Ones': Rachel McAdams Found Under Iraq in Neil Burger's next movie after The Illusionist (... huh).

Early Script Review for 'Voltron.'

Dane Cook Hates His Stupid New Poster for His 'Hitch' Rip-off.

Watch This: Boba Fett Does Flashdance.

7 Reasons 'Clone Wars' Will Be Worth Seeing: "All I’m gonna say is, I have to see Truman Capote’s Pleasure Palace at least once in my life."

'Hawaii Five-O' 2.0? That's Seriously How They're Describing It. Dammit, now the theme music is going to be in my head all day.

When You're Not Really Sorry that Your Sea Monster Ate Your Date's Poodle [Found Footage].

Darren Lynn Bousman Wants To Send ‘Leprechaun’ Back To The Old West. Another battle royale for the Uwe Boll Slot, but anything involving the Leprechaun series automatically wins, as far as I'm concerned.

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