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Omg puppyspam!

This is Pete, my sister's Brittany spaniel puppy. Specifically, this is Pete when he first came home
from a farm a few weeks ago with some kind of stomach bug and was not feeling so good:

This is Pete looking sad--though healthy and usually in fine romping form--sometime last week.

This is why the only clear pictures of Pete are taken when he looks sad.

This is Pete as a parrot. Arrrrr.

This is Sam, our pomeranian, taken a few years ago, as a typical picture of what his fur normally looks like.

This is Sam (also a few years ago) after a summer cut. Sadly, this is one of his better summer cuts.

This is Sam last week, after his new stylist Alfonso freshened up his look. Alfonso cuts individual little tufts of fur
instead of shaving him bald and leaving him with a sharp neck frill like a gecko.
Note: Alfonso is real, and I am not making him up.

Sam has to visit Alfonso every five or six weeks to keep his sexy right.
Sam is now the most high-maintenance member of the family.

I had Sister Girl take some pictures of Scout and Shelby today, so next time--whenever that is--we'll catch up with them.

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