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You know, it's really productive to have a gigantic head/jawache from stress right when you need to work on something that would earn some money and thereby alleviate the source of the stress.

So... let's go to another happy jewelry place! I bring you--via (Favorite pieces: the man in the moon earrings; the moonstone double heart ring; the moonstone heart pendant; the scalloped piqué hoops; the pearl heart pendant; the French locket. But then, I think I'm a sucker for the sun/moon/stars motif in general. And also, moonstones.)


Christina Applegate Cancer-Free After Double Mastectomy.

I play well with others. Others, not you.

Turns out Satan likes parties. Just... not the kind you'd think.

All Hail the Fail Whale!

Five terrible fake Jane Austen novels. I don't know, I'd read Punk and Punctuality.

The Best Scifi Book Covers Of All Time — And Space.

How Mad Can a Scientist Get? [Review]

Summer 2008: Our Monsteriest Season Yet.

Bigfoot claim a fake, enthusiast says; Researcher: Bigfoot 'discovery' just a rubber gorilla suit.

An Original Viral Marketing Tactic: Excellence.

Bono cranks new U2 tunes, fan steals them.

90210 to critics: Drop dead! Critic to 90210: Game on!

Why Dollhouse's Original Pilot Will Make A Better Second Episode.

'Veronica Mars' movie mission?

How Well Do You Know Your Movie-Poster Fonts? Surprisingly well, actually.

Disney Princesses The Way Frank Miller Likes Em. This is, I am sorry, one of the best things ever. Snow White in particular will kick your childhood like a puppy.

Images: Early Teaser Posters for Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia'; Exclusive: Check Out The New Poster For Simon Pegg’s ‘How To Lose Friends & Alienate People’; A Life Misunderestimated - New W. Posters Discovered; New 'Whore' movie poster (after we save Ray Stevenson from 'The Punisher,' I vote we swing by in the roflcopter and rescue Lena Headey from this one as well).

Trailers and clips: Short New TV Spot for Guy Ritchie's 'RocknRolla'; 'Secret Life of Bees' Trailer Finally Gets to the Bottom of Bees; 'Book of Lies' Trailer; Get Revved Up with Six Clips from 'Death Race'; Check Out This 'Monsters vs. Aliens' Trailer, While You Can; Exclusive: Watch The ‘Juno’ Gang Get Spoofed In ‘Disaster Movie.’ Because MTV hates you.

It's Twilight Tuesday! Jackson "That Guy Playing Jasper" Rathbone explains what the hell was going on with his hair in the first publicity shot. You're going to laugh, but this is something I genuinely wanted to know, because it was a hideous Helmet o' Hair, and I was even more shocked when I saw what he actually looks like (really cute! WITH DARK HAIR). Why did they hire all these dark-headed actors (that's Peter Facinelli in the back of that first shot!) and blond them up? Badly?

Meanwhile: More Twilight wank! The ETA is priceless, by the way: "TwiMoms send white chess pieces to EW to get them to change their review for BD from a D." Way to get Entertainment Weekly to report how crazy you are, you guys. Because that's all I really see happening--like hell they're going to change a review grade. Also: Pattinson and Stewart interview at Borders site.

Potter Fans Petition Against Release Delay ("HAI U GUYS WE CAN ALSO DO PETITIONS, WE ARE ORIGINAL FLAVA CRAZY"); Debunking the Myths Surrounding the Harry Potter Date Change ("MYTH #4: Sending a petition to Warner Bros. demanding they reverse their decision will yield any results whatsoever"); J. K. Rowling Wins Mythopoeic Society Award; Named Among 50 Best-Loved British Authors.

Lawsuit Won't Stop The Watchmen; The 'Watchmen' Studio Blood Feud: How Bad Is It?; Get Knee Deep in 'Watchmen' Legal Papers; 'Watchmen' DVD May Be Even Longer Than 3 Hours. Huzzah!

High On 'Dark Knight,' Warners Contemplates Next Steps For McBoringface Superman.

Writing Begins for 'The Hobbit' Films. The second one, as you will recall, is going to cover the events between The Hobbit and LOTR--reconstructed from Tolkien's other writings, I guess.

Coen Brothers Already Finshed Casting 'A Serious Man.'

Who The Wild Things Are: The Monsters, The Voices, The Actors.

Selick: 'Coraline' Near Wrap.

Darth Vader Slays The Wookiees In Force Unleashed Concept Art.

Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi Working Together on 'Sleeper'?; Has Tom Cruise Found His Comic Book Movie? There's something hilarious to me about Tom Cruise playing a superhero. I mean... he can't be a superhero, he's already Tom Cruise!

'RocknRolla' Gets Early Praise - Guy Ritchie Confirms Sequels.

F. Gary Gray Helming 'Julius.'

Russell Crowe to Play Bill Hicks?

Mr. T and Bill Hader Join 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.'

Bill Maher's Oscar-Bait 'Religulous' Currently (and Quietly) Screening in a Suburb Near You.

Demi Moore's Daughter Rumer Stars in Mom's Directorial Debut.

'Whip It!' Recreating the Magical Coupling of Fallon and Barrymore. Five bucks says the strains of Devo will be featured in the trailer.

Rachel Taylor…Not In ‘Transformers 2,’ And Proud Of It.

Dean Cain is a 'Maneater.'

Love-Hewitt: 'I Wish I'd Spent My Youth Nude.' Um... thanks for informing us?

Vin Diesel Directing 20 Min 'Fast and Furious' Prequel; Vin Diesel Beats Up Everyone In Science Fiction.

Snowden and White Penning 'Poltergeist' Remake. You know, given the famous Poltergeist curse, I'm going to be surprised if anyone actually wants to star in this.

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