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In which I am sick and puffy and tired

I got mistaken for "nineteen or twenty" yesterday. I turn thirty in December. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. You probably want to slap me right now, but--if you're always being mistaken for being a lot younger, it's like you never really feel like you've grown up.

Oh! By the way, if you've told me you're sending something, I haven't received it (unless I came by and told you otherwise). Something weird is going on with our mail, and things either aren't getting to us, or they're taking a really long time. This is disconcerting, to say the least.

(Confidential to the sender of the unexpected t-shirt: I plan on disregarding your instructions and cherishing it forever. : )


A security patch for Gmail. DO THIS. It requires you checking one box under "Settings" rather than another.

emmileexo: "The government has gotten up to some new form of stupidity and I was hoping you could post it in your next entry. Essentially, they are allowing medical staff and workers to refuse to give a patient an abortion if goes against their conscience, thus meaning that a doctor can refuse to do their job. The wording of the bill is so vague that it can extend to all forms of birth control, so a pharmacist can refuse to give a woman their prescription of the Pill. Even worse, the proposal does not take into account male forms of sterilization, such as condoms or vasectomies. The following link goes to an entry that explains the situation in detail and has links to sites where people can send in emails to protest the proposal. The proposal has a 30 day public comment period, so we only have a month to stop this. The entry: Protest can be sent on this page here."

Let me note here that one of the reasons birth control methods like the Pill are so important is because not all of us take them as contraceptives. Some of us actually take them to treat gynocological disorders like PCOS, for example. So even if you're not pro-choice, contraception isn't even the only thing at stake here.

Barenaked Ladies' Ed Robertson survives plane crash.

Bonham Carter Halts 'Terminator' Filming After Family Crash Horror.

Feisty N.J. puppy scares off 3 bears.

Man uses Barbie fishing rod to make record catch.

Fictional Sports Invade the Real World.

At writing camp, getting tips from legends.

What’s Wrong With Steampunk? [Steampunk Backlash.] NOOOO DON'T HAVE A BACKLASH BEFORE I FINISH MY BOOK.

Are Blogs As Doomed As Newspapers? [Ha Ha, Your Medium Is Dying.] What? The headline made me laugh.

Games review: 'Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner.'

Blanchett To Take 'Streetcar' To U.S.

Virtual actor looks eerily lifelike.

Another 'Lost' Corpse Climbs Out Of The Grave. SPOILER.

How Big A Hoax Was The Moon Landing? The Myth Busters Settle It Once And For All.

‘Spaced’ Gang Disagrees On Whether Series Should Continue As A Film Or TV Series.

Doctor Who — The Movie?

'Gone With The Wind' Tarleton twin dies.

Is Busy Viggo Mortensen First in Line For Oscar Tuxedo Sizing? God, I hope so.

Heath Ledger's final movie a tough sell.

Usain Bolt: 12 Movies Made Better by World's Fastest Man.

Via dduane: Knit Your Own "Python/Holy Grail" Death Rabbit of Caerbannog.

Images: More 'Dorian Gray'; A New Photo of Enik From 'Land of the Lost'; More stills from 'Igor'; Transporter 3; Broken Lines; The Machine Girl - Kataude mashin gâru; 18 unused Dark Knight posters.

Trailers and clips: Worth Watching - Aug 25: International Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's 'Che'; UPDATED: International 'Che' Trailer, Clip and New Cannes Poster, plus stills; 'New York, I Love You' Promo Trailer Online; Trailer for Viggo Mortensen's 'Good'; New 'Frost/Nixon' & 'Transporter 3' Trailers; Watch the Opening Credits to 'RocknRolla'; Check Out Two New 'Ping Pong Playa' Clips; Must Watch: Adrenaline-Fueled 'Fast and Furious' Trailer; Vin Diesel Versus A Rocket With His Name On It [Babylon A.D.] (wait, Michelle Yeoh is playing a "killer nun"?).

trailer_spot: Frost/Nixon, Secret Life of Bees, Coraline, Nights in Rodanthe.

Tomorrow is Twilight Tuesday! BREAKING: ‘Twilight’ Shooting New Scenes This Week.

Is 'Hari Puttar' Too Close to 'Harry Potter'? Warner Bros. Thinks So; Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park Update.

Can we all agree that Cher as Catwoman is total bullshit?

Empire's 'Quantum' Issue: 'The Bloodiest Bond Ever.'

Danny Elfman scoring 'The Wolfman.'

Benson, Keaton Voicing Toy Story 3; 'Toy Story 3' Has a Poster for Its Two-Years-From-Now Release.

Kristen Chenoweth voicing 'Rapunzel.'

What Should A Star Trek Movie Require?; Chris Pine's Kirk Will Make You Forget Shatner, Kevin Smith Promises. Okay, you record a cover of "Common People" and we'll talk, kid.

'300' Gets Luxurious New DVD Release ("I'm personally holding out for the set that comes with an actual Spartan from the film").

Exclusive: 'Traitor' Director Jeffrey Nachmanoff.

Simon Pegg Blogs About Alienation.

Rebecca Hall chats about being Vicky in 'Barcelona.'

Roberto Orci's Answers to 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' Questions; LaBeouf Spotted on Transformers Sequel Set.

Babylon A.D.'s Mathieu Kassovitz Opens Up About Fox Negatively.

Vin Diesel Promises Two More 'Riddick' Sequels.

Isn't It Too Early for a Superman Restart?; How To Make You Believe A Man Could Fly, Again; Meet The Superman You Almost Knew.

Kristen Bell Lands Lead in 'Astro Boy.'

Sean Astin to Be 'Demoted' with Vartan, Cross, and Sara Foster.

Leo & Kate Recreate Famous 'Titanic' Moment.

First Script Review of 'The Road' ("If this is the script that gets filmed, then 'The Road' will not only be the most important post-apocalyptic film ever made but it will profoundly affect the cinema going world"). Y'all, I dread this movie because I know I'm going to have to see it, and yet it sounds like the most unpleasant "important" film since Schindler's List.

Early reviews from AICN: Harold Ramis's Biblical comedy 'The Year One'; 'RocknRolla'; 'Revolutionary Road.'

Michael Stahl-David: Behind the Star ("The mockumentary follows Stahl-David in his quest to become an A-list movie star, following his leading role in the movie 'Cloverfield').

Rumor Patrol: Fox Will NOT Scrap Live-Action 'Dragonball.'

Dark Castle Preps 'All Cheerleaders Die' and a 'Haunted Hill' Prequel.

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