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Still tired and puffy

So I punked out on the linkspam last night because I've felt like hell all week, and last night it culminated in a screaming migraine. Trust me, I wish I'd been in spamming condition.

(I saw my doctor for a med check today, by the way. We're thinking that my current round of headaches are stress-related rather than antidepressant-related, since they're almost always accompanied by tension in my jaw... which I clench unconsciously when I work at the computer. You know, when I get into the zone. So I'm trying to consciously relax my jaw and get up more frequently--walk around the house, get a glass of water, check on the dogs, whatever.)

(I have some more therapeutic meeblings about irrational guilt and getting over it, but I think I'll inflict those on y'all at a later date.)


Remains of a 1500-Year-Old City Uncovered in Amazonian Jungle.

Kate Moss statue 'largest since ancient Egypt.' Yes, but was anything in ancient Egypt as pointless?

Banksy Does New Orleans.

Bloomberg Runs Steve Jobs' Obituary. Hey, did you not know Steve Jobs was dead? Well, Steve Jobs didn't know either.

Aaron Sorkin Making Facebook Even More Obnoxiously Present Outside of Facebook.

1988 Oscars Number Held In Suspicion Of Multiple Career Killings [Paging Snow White And Rob Lowe].

FBI arrests man over leak of Guns N' Roses songs.

Which Female Celebrity Will MTV Enlist for a Sapphic Smooch at the VMAs? [I Kissed A Carefully-Vetted Girl].

Every little bit Phelps: Swimmer set for 'SNL,' VMAs.

What Michael Jackson Should Look Like.

Alan Ball Takes Us Behind the Pointy Fangs Of 'True Blood'; 10 Reasons 'True Blood' Won't Suck; Hey Chicago -- Drink Some Blood Next Tuesday.

Exclusive Peek Behind 'Fringe'; J.J. Abrams works overtime on ‘Fringe.’

'The Fly' Mutates Into Opera.

Haley Joel Osment Making His Comeback on Broadway; Haley Joel Osment Learns 'F' Word in Preparation for Upcoming Broadway Debut.

David Thewlis: 'Sharon Stone Was A Nightmare.'

Gerard Butler likes women to make the first move. Okay, genius, when you wake up with a hundred women clawing at your window tomorrow, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

Duchovny Checks Into Rehab For Sex Addiction. Well... I... well then. I mean, I've heard rumors and blind items about him for years, but... can you imagine going to rehab and having all the drug and alcohol addicts give you the stink-eye because you're "just" a sex addict?

25 greatest cult movies ever; Discuss: What's the Greatest Cult Movie?

The Most WTF Movie Moments From Summer 2008. With an animated gif of The Keyboard Scene from Wanted, in case you wanted visual proof.

Cinematical's 2008 TIFF Preview.

Images: Exclusive: Brand-New Poster for Ridley Scott's 'Body of Lies'; 'Watchmen' magazine covers, hi-res; 'Duchess' stills; Exclusive: New Photos from Spike Lee's 'Miracle at St. Anna'; Yes, Keanu, We're Confused By 'The Earth Stood Still' Remake Too; TIFF Preview: Pics from 'Nothing but the Truth' and First Looks at Four More!; Check This Out: First Photos of Fully Rendered CGI 'AstroBoy'; Exclusive 'Sex Drive' Photos; Crank 2: High Voltage; Fast and Furious; The Lucky Ones; Wendy and Lucy; Elegy; The Secret Life of Bees; My Best Friend's Girl; New 'Saw V' Poster Online; 'He's Just Not That Into You' Poster, and It's True, He's Not; How Loosely is 'Disaster Movie' Themed Around the Idea of Disaster Movies? So loosely that it's called Superheroes: The Injustice League in Brazil. Yeah. I want a pre-emptive refund. All of America should get a refund before this movie even comes out. And then we should nuke it from orbit, just to be sure.

Trailers and clips: The Full New 'Max Payne' Trailer; 'Tropic Thunder' Mockumentary Now Available on iTunes; RocknRolla opening, trailer, clip; PopWatch Previewer: 'Brothers Bloom,' 'Knowing,' 'Humboldt County.'

'Quantum of Solace': Ask Daniel Craig & Marc Forster Questions!; Interview: Barbara Broccoli And Michael G. Wilson On 'Quantum of Solace.'

Christopher Nolan Might Not Have Actually Thought Much About Third Batman Yet; 'The Dark Knight' Sequel Waiting on Christopher Nolan's Commitment, which will be obtained right after Nolan decides exactly how much money he wants to hold the studio hostage for (I mean, I'm assuming, since that's what I would do); How 'The Dark Knight' Took Over The World; NEW JOKER ACTION FIGURE! (holy crap, I would not be able to sleep with this in the room).

Comic Creators Respond to Warner Bros' 'Dark Superman' Idea.

Phelps Twins talk Harry Potter Movies, Video Games in New Interview; New Photos of Ron, Lavender, Bellatrix, Dumbledore and More; Excerpt from New J.K. Rowling Foreward to "Harry, A History" Now Online; New Luna Lovegood Doll from Tonner. And I have to say, the likeness is really, really good. Like, this is the first of the Tonner HP dolls I have actually considered buying. Someday. When that money tree takes root in my backyard.

The Smart Bitches give 'Twilight' a D+, with bonus Nora Roberts pwnage in the comments; ‘Twilight’ Voted Most Anticipated Movie Of The Fall On Fandango ... by thousands of crazed Twihards who were linked to the poll. Look, I've been in the Harry Potter fandom for seven years, I know how it works.

John Noble Opts Out Of ‘The Hobbit’; Fan Made: Living Green in a Hobbit House!

WALL•E Hitting DVD and Blu-ray Nov. 18.

'Traitor' - Showing the World's Gripping Shades of Grey; Review: 'Traitor'; Movie Review: 'Traitor'; 'Traitor' can't make up its mind as to which side it's on.

Kate Winslet Oscar Bait Doubles Overnight as Weinsteins Bump Up 'The Reader'; Fox Moves 'Australia' Release Back. STOP MOOOOVING THINNNNNNNGS.

'Burn After Reading' cast indulges idiotic characters, questions.

Clooney Will Headline Jason Reitman's 'Up in the Air.'

Kiss Angelina Jolie At Your Own Risk, ‘Changeling’ Co-Star Learns.

Robert Downey Jr. Wants to be a Criminal 'MasterMind'; Stiller + Downey Jr. To Reteam For Animated Movie; Downey Jr. and Fey Voicing 'MasterMind'?

Kevin Spacey Joins Sam Rockwell in 'Moon.'

WB Kicks Tautou's 'Chanel' Into Gear.

Amy Adams in 'Metal Gear Solid'? Oh, honey, no.

Eddie Murphy Channels Charlie Chaplin For ‘1000 Words.’

Kevin Smith Says View Askewniverse Won’t Be Mentioned In ‘Zack and Miri.’

Alex Proyas on Vampire Mythology for 'Dracula: Year Zero'; Why Won't Alex Proyas Direct 'Silver Surfer'? "Because it's a Fox picture. And I'm determined never to work with them ever again because of my experience on I, Robot." Wait, why is this sounding familiar...? Oh, that's right: Director Of Babylon AD Calls Movie "Terrible Experience." With Fox. Again.

(Vin Diesel Calls ‘Babylon A.D.’ An Homage To ‘Blade Runner.’)

German 'Goodbye Lenin'Actor In 'Inglorious Bastards,' Plus New Poster.

Directors Confirm Thomas Jane Isn't Jonah Hex.

How crappy is 'The Spirit'? It's only rated PG-13. (But how is Frank Miller going to get any whores into it now?)

On the Set of 'Crank 2,' Whose Script Is the "Most Offensive" Statham's Ever Read.

The Lowdown on 'The Descent 2.'

Well, That's That: 'Outlander' Going Direct-to-DVD.

Inside A Pee Wee-Starring 'Happiness 2' and a Peter Gallagher- Retaining 'Center Stage 2' [Sequel Madness].

Ralph Macchio and Devon Aoki Vampire Movie. This put up a hard, hard fight for the Uwe Boll Slot, let me tell you...

Complaint for Injunctive and Other Relief from 'The Mutant Chronicles.' ...but I pretty much have to give it to any movie that has a non-legal legal injunction filed against it.

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