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Kind of loopy today

So in the middle of trying to put this e-book annotation thing together, I'm also slipping away to work on Black Ribbon (which is probably the most fun way to work on something--sneaking off like you're having an affair with it), and I've just realized that I do something really weird when it comes to minor characters. I don't create a character and then eventually go, "You know, I think I need to kill this one off." (Okay, that did actually happen with one character. It's probably going to happen more frequently as I progress through the series.) See, usually I imagine vaguely outlined scenes with--red shirts, I guess you'd call them--and then go back and give them personalities so it's not totally obvious which one is going to get killed when that scene comes around. And also, so you'll at least be a little invested in them. But the purpose of the character, as originally conceived, is to die at some point. The problem then is that I give them just enough personality that I get interested and it's like, "Now I don't want to kill him! DAMMIT!" There's at least one newish minor character who started out this way and ended up being so awesome (in my own mind, I mean) that she actually got a somewhat expanded role for the rest of the series. You know, instead of being killed halfway through the first book. Meanwhile, I still need someone to bite it in that earlier scene.

So now I've got a very minor character who still manages to have a fairly significant Death Scene of a Minor Antagonist at the end, and he needs a name (a particular nationality), I have an idea of his background, and it's slowly occurring to me that he's actually one of the smarter antagonists--killing off someone stupid really isn't that interesting, and also, it's less likely that an idiot would have made it this far--and now I don't want to let him go. But the fact that I don't want to let him go suggests that killing him off would, in fact, be pretty effective. SHIT.

(I must sound like a total space cadet, that I haven't settled these things out five years into the writing of this book. Look, the story is, in part, about a shadowy gang of criminals. You're not supposed to know them very well yet; the ones who survive, you get to know better in the next books. So it's kind of about having these characters run by now and then in very quick bursts--the challenge is to sketch them as vividly as you can in the fewest words possible, without dragging the story down--and I decided to let the rest of the story, the majority of it, the part that's actually about the heroes and the major antagonist(s), develop and then see what that story required of the henchmen, essentially. My process is weird, what can I say.)

Meanwhile, a request from nerves_patterns: "I'll be teaching a freshman comp course, and I'm basing my teaching of rhetorical analysis and using blogging in the classroom around the theme 'Going Viral' - as in, viral marketing, the proliferation of memes, analyzing these methods of communication, etc." So, know of some good viral campaigns?

(Man, I suck for not already having a "viral marketing" tag, since I love it so much.)


Bill Melendez, animator for the "Peanuts" specials, dies at 91.

Publisher Shakeups at Random House and Hachette.

City Room: Will the Cupcake Craze Fizzle Out? See, the trick here would be to figure out what the next portable baked goods trend will be, and jump on that now. Me, I'd put my money on petits fours.

Slash says Velvet Revolver singer search is 'still ongoing.' This is yet another band, by the way, supporting my theory that the ultimate band name formula is basically a random adjective and a random noun (see also: Furious Kitten).

Fall books preview: These 10 titles are certain to be 'talkers.'

5 Fall Shows That Could Be Improved With A Little Scifi.

'Fringe' Will Jump The Shark Early And Often, Says J.J. Abrams. That's the spirit!

HBO gets an infusion of Oh-positive 'Blood'; 'True Blood' could pump life into hit-starved HBO.

Exclusive! 'Lost' casts key role. Hey! Forget this New Amsterdam crap, she was Jazira in Hidalgo! LIFETIME PASS ACHIEVED.

Exclusive: Jodie Foster, Anne Hathaway to guest on 'The Simpsons.'

The Hater: Britney Spears' Mom Has So Many Regrets ("And she'll sell them to you for $24.99 Hardcover").

Re: Sienna Miller: Sadie Frost is a bigger person than I could ever be.

Who’s Russell Brand? Find out on the VMAs. Honestly? I didn't know who he was either until I heard his name in passing a couple of months ago.

A Profile of a Profile of Charlie Kaufman.

Images: Exclusive: Images from 'The Brothers Bloom'; New 'City of Ember' Poster Unveiled; 'Rachel Getting Married' Has a Poster; 'My Name is Bruce' One Sheet; New image from 'The Duchess.'

Trailers and clips: Exclusive Clip: See Keira Knightley In ‘The Duchess’; Exclusive Clip: 'Picasso & Braque Go To The Movies'; Watch This: Nine New Clips from 'Choke'; It's Shia LaBeouf's Transformers Happening, And It's Freaking Him Out.

Oscar Update: Australia, Frost/Nixon, Hurt Locker, Milk and More.

From mercat: The Where Is Harvey Dent petition ("To: Gotham City Police Department, we demand the right to know the truth about harvey dent"); Killjoy Aaron Eckhart Settles at Least One Scurrilous 'Batman 3' Casting Rumor. Asked and answered!

Henry Cavill for Superman?

French 'Half-Blood Prince' calendar pics; Rupert Grint and Helena Bonham Carter to star in 'The Wild Target.'

(Some of) the boys of Twilight in the new Cosmo; the Smart Bitches take on Edward Cullen; New Twilight trailers? LIES, these are not new trailers. They are, however, conveniently embedded on the same page if you need to inflict them on any Twilight virgins.

Del Toro Directing 'Hobbit', 'Frankenstein', 'Jekyll' and More.

Was The X-Files Movie A Victim Of Bad Press? ("That damn popular media, paying more attention to all of the overwhelming majority of Americans who decided not to go and see the movie"); 'X-Files' creator Chris Carter hospitalized for exhaustion.

‘G.I. Joe’ Movie Will Reveal ‘Twisted’ Cobra Commander; Mask And Menacing Voice Included.

BREAKING: 'Ghostbusters 3' is (Maybe) ON!

Michael Moore to release 'Slacker Uprising' online for free.

Matt Damon Starring as Eliot Ness for Fincher's 'Torso'?

Fincher's Wrath Over 'Heavy Metal' Remake Could Sink 'Benjamin Button.'

Whitaker and Zellweger Have 'My Own Love Song.'

Tom Cruise Continuing Fun Role Streak with 'Shrek 4'?

Nevada's Free-Movie Lovers Ambushed With 'Valkyrie' Screening.

Bettany and Connelly to Star in 'Creation.'

Exclusive: Mark Strong Cast in Sherlock Holmes. Didn't we know this already? I seem to remember enthusing about him in Stardust a couple of weeks back.

No 'Edge of Darkness' for De Niro.

The Russo Brothers Travel to 'Ciudad.'

‘Magdalena’ Week Continues On Splash Page With Jenna Dewan.

Ashley Judd, 'Tooth Fairy's' Girlfriend. I'm having flashbacks to Red Dragon here, and they ain't pretty.

TIFF Review: 'Rachel Getting Married'; Toronto Review: Guy Ritchie's 'RocknRolla.'

Herzog’s ‘Bad Lieutenant’ Will Reboot Character, Dial Down ‘Judeo-Christian Programming.’

Nicolas Cage Says 'Kick-Ass' Won't Be Gratutiously Violent. Dear God, why would we go see it then?

The 10 Most Bizarre Nicolas Cage Moments To Ever Hit the Screen.

'Hercules' Still Planning a Cinematic Comeback.

Fan Made: Create Your Own Jar Jar Binks Salad. OH GOD WHYYYYY.

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