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I had a bit of a lie-down to get rid of a headache, and I had the weirdest dream. I know other people's dreams are boring, but it involves lotr_news, so those folks at least might be interested.

So. I dreamed that I was in this motel room with cheap wood-paneled walls and a dirty dark moss-green carpet. It was a very Fiona Apple kind of motel room, I'll put it that way. As the dream went on, I got the feeling that I lived there, or it was at least my center of operations, so to speak. There was a bed sort of in the foreground, just the corner, like it was offscreen. And I was always sitting on the floor, with everything piled around me--books and papers and laptop and things (but that's normal for me. Except that I don't have a laptop).

And I had a baby. I think I remembered giving birth in flashback, and it was a very quick and painless birth. I was very proud of this. When the dream started, I think it was a normal sized baby (boy), but by the end, I apparently just decided it had always been Thumbelina-sized. And I seem to remember it being pretty ugly. Like, not Eraserhead ugly, but... it wasn't a cutie-wutie little thumb-sized baby. But I loved it. I made a bed for it in a martini glass. (I don't drink martinis.) By the end of the dream, I had some errand I had to run, and when I came back, the martini glass had been turned over and I think Sister Girl had LET THE CAT COME IN AND EAT MY BABY. She had apparently decided that thumb-sized babies were not of the Lord and was in a big white churchly room with an oven, burning thumb-sized baby dolls in case I got it into my head to "voodoo" another one for myself. I was extremely upset, as I had legitimately given birth to this thumb-sized baby, and had been trying to get in touch with the father, with whom I had apparently had a one-night stand. But I had this feeling that if only he knew, he would come help me, so I had gone to lotr_news for help in tracking him down. And now my sister had done away with my baby, or hidden it--I had a feeling it was still alive somewhere.

Cleolinda: so I was desperately trying to find my baby, and thinking, "And I was already having enough problems trying to get Elijah Wood to admit paternity!," and then I woke up

Vladimir: heeeeeee

Vladimir: sorry, just for the last bit

Cleolinda: dude, for the whole thing!

Vladimir: but it's an amazing dream

Cleolinda: I woke up really, really upset

Vladimir: no! it's very intimate and actually profound

Vladimir: may I say what I think of it?

Cleolinda: also, I think there was a boy band involved. They were also thumb-sized. Well, more finger-sized.


Oh, P.S.:

Vladimir: it's about the anxieties you have regarding the sources and the possible disappointments of your personal - personal, as opposed to "what they all expect" - expression


ETA: It had to be done. (Thanks to despotliz for the improved icon.)

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