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Even loopier today!

Since we were on the subject of the Secret Life of Dolls earlier today--top ten movie-related Tonner dolls that do not exist but would put a spectacular hurt on my wallet if they did:

1. Serafina Pekkala. With the purple and the bow and the hair. I think she would be good friends with all the Galadriel dolls. They do have other Golden Compass dolls already for sale (I still want Lyra in her fur coat), so Serafina is one of the greatest potential threats to my wallet at the moment.

2. Susan Pevensie. After careful consideration, I think the dress I want her in the most is the purple one she spent most of Prince Caspian in. Also, because it was one of her everyday dresses, it would come with her bow and knife. She would immediately be BFF with Eowyn!Doll and Anna Dollerious, but she would also sneak off and play dress-up with the Gene dolls now and then. (Tonner has already announced a Narnia line, but pulled the pictures from their site. Not sure what's going on there.)

3. Speaking of Narnia: The White Witch. I don't know which costume I'd want more--the first one, I guess (gotta go with the classics). Although her WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? OH HEY AROUND MY NECK outfit was pretty awesome.

4. Arwen. Because I think Tonner would do a fantastic job with the dresses. (And they said several months ago that they do have the license for LOTR dolls.) If I had to pick only one dress--and knowing my luck, they will make ten--I would have to go with either the pale green coronation dress (WOW SLEEVES) and headdress, or that fantastic blue dress with the silver sleeves. You know, with the velvet cloak, because I want my damn money's worth. OH OH THERE IS ALSO THE RIDING DRESS FROM THE FORD. Dammit, I am so screwed.

5. Galadriel. Because, again, I think Tonner would do a fantastic job, and their dolls tend to be a good 17-20 inches, which gives them a better scale for details than the 12-inchers I have. Galadriel's not too bad in terms of choices, because, while there were a couple of variations in her gowns, IIRC, they really mostly looked the same. So make the headdress and a beaded dress and a white cloak and the disco boots that Cate Blanchett had to wear, and then you can take off pieces as necessary to pose her for the scene you want. Obviously, she would come with a little basin and pitcher. AND HER RING, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A TINY LITTLE NENYA.

5. Bellatrix LeStrange. Don't lie, a Bellatrix doll would be fucking badass. They're still moving down the roster of students (their Luna Lovegood has a crazy-good likeness), but what with the Voldemort they've already made, I really feel like a Bellatrix is somewhere on the horizon.

7. Violet Baudelaire. There's no chance in hell they'd make one now, but the purple Colleen Atwood dress was AWESOME. I would fall over and DIE. If they included the blue coat, I would be DONE FOR.

8. Marie Antoinette. Good LORD, what a terrifying prospect. There were something like sixty-five costumes in the movie, y'all. We would also have the problem of flat-front corsets really, really not working on unyielding plastic doll busts, but maybe they could just suck it up and give her a flat chest. I have already gone on at length about my favorite dresses, but if I have to pick just one, it would probably be the blue dress with the red belt. In fact, I've seen a few handmade versions of that one for sale on eBay.

9. Captive "I'm Not Calypso, What the Hell Are You Talking About" Elizabeth Swann. Come on, the HAT. The hat is SO AWESOME. (Note: They have already announced a Tia Dalma. If the likeness is at all decent, I am, once again, screwed.)

10. Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd. Again, another line that would screw me over if they decided to do it, because I would pretty much have to get every outfit. Obviously you want her primary costume (it would totally come with a cleaver), but you know what I would really love? The red and white stripey one with the parasol.

I could probably name you another ten movie characters I'd like to see, but there you are.

From anjalilj: "I know this isn't quite your usual sort of linkspam, but I was wondering if you could drop a link for this anyway: An old classmate of mine from Bryn Mawr College went missing from her New York City apartment a week ago, and hasn't been seen since. Her friends and family are trying to get the word spread as far and wide as possible in the hopes that they'll find someone who's seen her. Here's a link with photos from Daily Intel (a New York news blog) and Neil Gaiman's journal. Thanks a whole bunch in advance."

Join us on Facebook to help a great cause, the United Way of Central Alabama. Wave to my friend David, y'all!


Robert Giroux, giant of publishing, dies.

Authors, Be Warned about Morgan James Publishing.

New music: Christina Aguilera's New Single 'Keeps Gettin' Better'; Dido's new album cover, tracklisting; New Aerosmith on the way; U2 pushes release of new album to early 2009.

Exclusive: Heart's Nancy Wilson responds to McCain campaign's use of 'Barracuda' at Republican convention.

Fans line up to see 'Rent' one last time.

"Brutal" Joker Returns To Comic Stores.

New Seinfeld ad draws negative reviews online.

Due to scheduled system upgrades, Gravity will be temporarily shut down from 2 PM to 4 PM EST.

Omg she’s lookin right at me… how my fur, is ok?

Call for Lolcat Fine Art Submissions - The Lol Arts.

Meet The 2 Scary Guys Who Cause Mayhem In Lost Season 5 [Morning Spoilers].

'True Blood' is the 'Twilight' for the Over 17 Soap Opera Crowd (I think this is meant as a compliment?); Interview: Alan Ball; 39 HBO series that changed TV. Although some of them are not so much "changed" as "were on."

Eli Stone Creator Assists Aliens' 'Return' To Earth ['The Return'].

Weird Man’s Party: Tim Burton and His Macabre Collaborators.

Oscar Update: Foreign Language Film Contenders.

Images: 'Marley & Me' Poster Meets Your Most Base Needs; New Desk Series of Posters for Oliver Stone's 'W.'; Exclusive: 'Happy-Go-Lucky' Poster Premiere.

Trailers and clips: Exclusive: Trailer for Swanberg and Gerwig's 'Nights and Weekends'; 'Soul Men' Trailer Might Not Be Best Memorial.

U.S. films help Venice festival finish strongly.

Live from TIFF: 'Burn After Reading,' Burn Out After Watching; TIFF Review: 'The Brothers Bloom.'

Jeremy Irons Discusses The ‘Harry Potter’ Role That Never Was... except that he doesn't, because he never even says what it would have been. (“I’ll do anything if it’s an interesting part. I’m just an actor. I go to work.” Y HELLO THAR, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. LOL ERAGON.)

Maguire and Raimi Back for Spider-Man 4 and 5?

Twilight: New vampire baseball pic; Catherine Hardwicke's Interview with MTV Now on You Tube; from locked_door998: You're officially famous when TMZ is there to film the crazies accosting you. (Stay tuned for the crazy lady.)

Speaking of whom, Robert Pattinson IS Salvador Dali IN 'Little Ashes.' Wait, what? Why? What? (OH SWEET GOD) And then there's the summary:

Both the idyllic surroundings and the warmth of the Dali family sweep Federico [Garcia Lorca] off his feet. Salvador and he draw closer, sharing their deepest beliefs, inspirations and secrets, convinced that they have found a kind of friendship undreamt of by others. It is more than a meeting of the minds; it is a fusion of souls. And then one night, in the phosphorescent water, it becomes something else...

(You guys, these visuals are now backstroking around in my head with Breaking Dawn [THE PHOSPORESCENT WATERS OF ISLE ESME] and A Soft Self-Portrait of Salvador Dali and I can't... I can't even verbalize what's going on in my head right now, except that things are melting and there are giant chickens. And Orson Welles is narrating the whole thing. Oh God, I don't know that I can handle this.)


Denzel Washington to Star in 'Book of Eli' for the Hughes brothers. Maybe this is because I saw the movie before I read the graphic novel, but I really liked their adaptation of From Hell. I mean, on its own merits, not as a sufficient adaptation of the book, which should have been a miniseries and not starred Heather Graham. Like most Alan Moore things. Whatever, I'm rambling now.

(Dear God, I'm still not over the idea of Salvador Dali's David Cronenberg's Breaking Dawn. Oh God, help, you guys, it hurts.)

(I wonder if The Hair was ever jealous of The Mustache?)

Columbia Scares Up New Ghostbusters; Friday Five: Ways to Make a Cool 'Ghostbusters' Sequel.

Cruise and UA Pick Up 'Monster of Florence.'

'Wild Things' are Coming October 2009.

Christian the Lion gets a movie deal; ‘Hugging’ lion video inspires movie. I'm actually surprised it took them this long to get on that.

Gerard Butler Says 'No' to 300 Prequel/Sequel ... Again; Butler doesn’t let a cold stop his love scenes. Compare this to the Thandie Newton "EW YOU'RE SICK DON'T KISS ME" article from the other day.

Nicholas Meyer Penning George Washington Feature.

Bettany and Connelly Join Charles Darwin Biopic Titled 'Creation.'

Carnival Tourists, Evolution And Crazy Mutants In New French Horror Films.

Zack Snyder, Gore Verbinski, Guillermo del Toro Directing 'Heavy Metal' Segments?

Walker and Christensen in 'Bone Deep.'

Brittany Snow is 'Breaking the Girl.'

Mark Pellington Helming 'Solace.'

Nic Cage Unsure Who Exactly Directed Him In ‘Bangkok Dangerous’; PopWatch Petition: Stop with the long hair, Nicolas Cage.

Vin Diesel's Underground Website Still Rocks Our World [Found Footage].

Japan's Answer To RoboCop Walks Funny [Found Footage].

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