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Oh look, I only have one music-related icon

I fell into the bottomless pit that is TV Tropes again yesterday afternoon, and came across this and... well, it made my entire day. Apparently there are a (very small) handful of m15m mentions sprinkled across the site--probably because pointing out abused/overused tropes is a large part of what I do in the parody things. It still makes me giggle every time I find one.

One More Time: Britney returns to MTV VMAs. I hear that, despite all official denials, she will actually be performing. Which is why I can't not watch this trainwreck. She'll probably end up doing just fine, though, because you'd have to be an idiot (no, a real, genuine, flatlining idiot) to crap out on national television two years in a row. And more power to her if she can hold it together this time.

(No, I'm not sure why I have a "britney spears" tag, either.)

(Oh hai! Paramore seems to be there! I am pleased.)

Also, word on the street is that some sparkle motion is going to be present tonight. I hope The Hair brought backup.

Entertainment Weekly's VMAs liveblog. I would do one myself, but... I'm just not sufficiently aware of when MTV actually plays the videos What the Kids Today listen to. I'd spend most of the liveblog going, "Here's... someone? I don't know? They are saying things and doing stuff. Hey, that girl there is almost naked."

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