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For those of you just joining us this afternoon: JKR WON THE LEXICON CASE.

As much linkspam as I could pull together given that I have 130 146 158 unread Lexicon-related emails (and counting):

2008 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet Arrivals / Pre-Show pics; Russell Brand's VMA hosting gig: Career suicide or star-making turn?; Brand Forced To Apologise For Purity Ring Jokes at VMAs; John Legend Wants None Of What God Warrior Jordin Sparks Is Selling; VMAs: Top 10 Most Hideous Looks; Go Fug Yourself fugs the VMAs; The top 10 things you didn't see at MTV awards; VMAS in 2 minutes; The Hater: The VMAs: A Quarter Century Of Uselessness.

If you didn't see the show (my quick recap), ONTD has pics of various performances: Rihanna (my favorite for pure WTF factor); Christina Aguilera; Pink. (MTV has clips as well.)

And remember last night, when I said that somewhere all the Twihards are writing angry emails to MTV (no, I'm pretty sure they actually are) ? Yeah. I've known Swiss clocks that were less predictable than this fandom. Pro tip: Don't ask the crazy fans to watch the show and tape their reactions if the host is going to talk over their favorite actor. And then it hit Fandom Wank. ("CHAGRIN! DEEP MOTHER FUCKING CHAGRIN!") Twilight Tuesday is going to be SO MUCH FUN tomorrow.

And then the Harry Potter fandom flexed its biceps and said, "That's nice, kids, BUT RARRRRR RULING IN THE LEXICON CASE ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR."

(Voldemort Hath No Fury Like Angry Harry Potter Fans: Studio Delays Movie, Gets Death Threats; 'I Hope You Choke on Your Own Saliva.')

Toronto: Toronto Film Fest kicks off Oscar season; Feature: The A.V. Club At TIFF '08: Day 3; TIFF journal: from Monaco to Mississauga; TIFF Interview: Ed Harris, Director and Star of 'Appaloosa'; Toronto Film Festival: No Internets, but Viggo shares chocolate!; Toronto Review: The Coen Brothers' 'Burn After Reading'; Toronto 2008: Greg Kinnear, Peter O'Toole, and show tunes!; TIFF Interview: Don McKellar, Screenwriter and Co-Star of 'Blindness' (Live from TIFF: 'Blindness' Gets a Major Post-Cannes Reboot); Live from TIFF: Tim Blake Nelson and Ed Norton Talk 'Leaves of Grass'; TIFF Interview: Bill Maher of 'Religulous'; 'Zack and Miri' Make Great Buzz in Toronto; TIFF Review: Paris 36.

Venice: Mickey Rourke film takes top honors in Venice (Fox Searchlight Acquires 'The Wrestler'; Springsteen's Song from 'The Wrestler' Boots Up Online;
New Looks at 'The Wrestler' and a Preview of Mansell's Score).

Silent screen siren Anita Page dies at 98.

'Glory Road' coach dies at 78.

World may or may not end on Wednesday; Time travellers from the future 'could be here in weeks.'

News of the weird: Polar bears turn green after dip; Greek postmen beat zombies to win oddest book title; Cops: Burglar wakes men with spice rub, sausage; Fish flies out of lake, breaks teen's jaw; Colbert To Live Forever In Space.

Droppin’ Science: The World’s Nerdiest Rap Songs.

Looks like someone just got around to reading House of Leaves.

Alan Moore Explains Why He Is the Comic Book Messiah. Because... he is. Even Death is afraid of him, y'all.

Tommy Lee Jones sues makers of 'No Country.'

Gary Coleman Runs Down Annoying Fan [Celebrity Justice]. "Coleman refused, Rushton would not back down, and it ended like it always ends when some fool steps to Gary fucking Coleman: with the perp flat on his ass."

Images: Check Out the Poster for 'Milk'; Wolverine preview.

Trailers and clips: Strap In For A Red-Band Taste Of James Marsden In SEX DRIVE! ... Suddenly I find myself wishing he was the Marstersden in Dragonball, poor guy.

Detailed Report from "Half-Blood Prince" Test Screening in Chicago; Details on Cave Scene, Astronomy Tower from "Half-Blood Prince" Screening; More from the Half-Blood Prince test screening; WAIT...YOUNG!SNAPE IN...HALF-BLOOD PRINCE? SAY WHAT?; Harry Potter's Rabid Response Team Is Ready For You, Book Banning Dementors!!!!; Ralph Fiennes: It’s Easy Playing Mean. Voldemort, on the Other Hand…

Watchmen Video Journal: The Look of Watchmen; New Watchmen Diary Almost Flashes Us Dr. Manhattan's Goods.

Second 'Quantum of Solace' Trailer Due Online Tomorrow (so hang on for an ALERT ALERT ALERT post, I guess); 'Another Way To Die' Music Video Shooting In Toronto This Weekend; James Bond has changed his profile picture.

Caine Confirms Depp and Hoffman as Riddler and Penguin?; No TDK sequel?; The Dark Knight To Become An Annual Event?

(Related: Michael Caine is 'Harry Brown.')

Twilight Cast possibly at NY Comic Con? (SECURITY UPGRADE REQUIRED); 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Wonders Why You're So Afraid of His Chest Hair.

Rumor: Will Smith Cast as Captain America?!; Will Smith is 'The Last Pharaoh.'

Mark Strong Joins 'Sherlock Holmes' -- Russell Crowe Still In?

Ramis Confirms 'Ghostbusters 3' Talk and Apatow Connection.

Darren Aronofsky Hints ‘Robocop’ Will Take Place In ‘Unrecognizable’ City.

'The Duchess' and Diana Comparisons are Raising Comments in the UK. Note: Georgiana Spencer Cavendish actually was an ancestor of Diana Spencer's; IIRC, she even had a cousin named Diana Spencer. The comparison is tacky, but not completely out of the blue.

Emily Blunt joins the cast of 'Wild Target.'

Val Kilmer to Star in 'Fake Identity.'

Borin to Direct 'The Butcherhouse Chronicles.'

Paramount Will be 'Spanking Shakespeare.'

One More Child 'of the Corn' Cast.

Brad Dourif to Provide the Voice for Chucky ... Again. Aw, bless.

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