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Since I'm going out tonight, I'll tell you now

So Rinna says that the podcast will go up tonight at, a panfandom spinoff of PotterFicWeekly (or on iTunes, where you'll need to look for Episode 7. The title may end up being "It's Like X-Rated NPR"), at 9pm EDT. It's a two-hour conversation in which Rinna, Lady Chi and I discuss Harry Potter, Twilight, the Lexicon case, fandom, religion, sex, feminism, politics, racism, aging, depression, kittens, grammar, education, constructive criticism, community theater, and, my God, SHIPPING PREFERENCES. And also, Alan Rickman. Bonus feature: my Emmett Cullen impression.

(ETA: Audio samples: "I think he did a lot of reading, maybe he scrapbooked it afterwards"; "You are my life now.")

It's just the three of us girls talking, so if you're trying to pick me out (and it's not obvious by the context), listen for the one who says "I" sounds as "ah" (oh my God, "I'm gonna keep my ahhhhhh on this." *facepalm*) and seems to be at a slightly lower (more deadpan? something) pitch. Or the one whose microphone sucks. Either one.

I seem to pause in really weird places (or say "you know") constantly because I'm trying to think out what I'm saying, so... um. Sorry about that.

(Sadly, I think the best thing I said in the whole podcast got cut, probably for time. We were talking about how Ginny is [I think?] the first person that Harry lays eyes on at Platform 9-3/4 in the first book, and I blurted out, "Maybe he imprinted on her.")

(Okay, maybe it wasn't the best thing.)

(I really do have the DVDs for both Firefly and two seasons of Doctor Who, and I really am going to watch them.)

(The Romeo and Juliet story at the end is about the Lovely Emily playing Mercutio, by the way.)

("Please send me lipgloss, my cat didn't actually die.")

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