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Let's talk about cheerfuller things today

Made some more Secret Life of Dolls icons. I'm to the point where I can't really imagine anyone wanting to use them (you're free to, obviously), but I still like making them. They're like tiny little movies! If movies had lots of text and still photographs! Uh.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that Sideshow does, in fact, make a Faramir. And a Boromir. And an Aragorn and a Legolas. We must never speak of this again.

(Oh, you have got to be kidding me. It's like Playgirl for dolls.)

(Buy $169K dollhouse, get real home 'free.' I swear to you, I looked over at The Shelf and blurted out, "I DO NOT EVEN WANT TO HEAR IT.")


You know how many good movie trailers just came out? I'm putting them above the cut, that's how many.

Trailers and clips: 'Revolutionary Road' Trailer Online; New 'Day the Earth Stood Still' Footage Sunday; Witness Meryl Streep's Reign of Terror in 'Doubt' Trailer; Must Watch: Tom Tykwer's 'The International' Trailer With Clive Owen! ('International' Trailer Creates Little 'Interest' [See, Because It's About a Bank]; The 'International' Trailer Uses a Scene From 'Ghost Rider'!); Clint Eastwood's 'Changeling' Trailer With Angelina Jolie; First Look: Gilliam's 'Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' Featurette; 'Two Lover's trailer; Exclusive Clip: 'Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway'; Get Bloody Musical with the Trailer for 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'; 'Feast 2' Trailer Is A Pretty Little Massacre.

Okay, I didn't say that they were all good.

(Also, nerves_patterns says thanks for your help with her project--it seems to have gone really well.)

More linkspam:

Update from yesterday: David Foster Wallace, 46, Writer, Dies; Remembering David Foster Wallace.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden over at Making Light seems to have had a minor heart attack.

Mom accused of stealing daughter's identity to attend highschool and become a cheerleader.

Guitar Hero: World Tour full setlist confirmed; The swank Rock Band 2 premium drum set.

Ukulele covers of Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" from Portal.

LHC-Themed T-Shirts Commemorate the Non-Destruction of Earth ("Particle physics gives me a hadron").

Queen's Personal Poet Hates His Job.

Was baseball born in England?


Just How In Trouble Is 'Dollhouse'?

Amazingly, Annoying Kathy Griffin Wins Another Emmy: "Well, well, well! Here we go again, f—ers. Here we go again!"

The Sienna Miller's only fansite doesn't want to be Sienna Miller's fansite anymore.

Mortensen's Tea Causes Airport Security Problems.

Boyle Leads Toronto Film Festival Prizes; Toronto Winners: 'Slumdog Millionaire' Wins People's Choice; Telluride Interview: 'Slumdog Millionaire' Director Danny Boyle; Toronto: 'Rachel' is a revelation; Toronto 2008: 'Rachel Getting Married' and 'Orson Welles.'

Images: The Presumed Oscar-Winning Poster of 'The Soloist'; 'Zack and Miri' Made a Poster so Filthy They Later Made This One to Replace the Initial, Filthy Poster; Jackson and Mac in New Poster for 'Soul Men'; First Look: Wacky Ben Affleck in Mike Judge's Extract; EXCLUSIVE: ‘W.’ Photo Reveals Bush’s Wild Side.

Also, one of the most magnificent sequences of words I have seen in a long time, which is: She-Ra Screencaps: Season 1, Vol 2-Disc 1.

trailer_spot: International, Doubt, Four Christmases, Two Lovers, Changeling.

An Early Dark Knight DVD, Or Just A Twitter Joker?

'Nottingham' to begin filming in February. Wait, Christian Bale is Robin Hood? I can't remember if we knew this already or not.

James Bond Theme Goes Double O-Coke Zero ("the musical stylings of Jack White of the White Stripes, giving us an instrumental taste of the new James Bond theme"); David Arnold Audio Interview: Scoring 'Quantum of Solace.'

Feed Your Watchmen Action Figure Addiction on the Cheap.

Neville photo from HBP (whoa... Neville's getting kind of... mansome there); David Thewlis to Return as Remus Lupin for 'Deathly Hallows'; Shots from the Broadway preview of 'Equus,' in case you were wondering how the horse thing works; Dan Radcliffe Talks 'Equus,' Theater, and Acting in New Interview; Radcliffe readies for Broadway’s ‘test of nerve.’

Twilight: You too can get hammered on Forbidden Fruit; from shocolate: Rupert Grint a fan of the "Twilight" Books? Not... exactly:
After [he replied] to the text message, we found out that Rupert recently lost a bet to actor Robert Pattinson, who was once part of the Harry Potter cast in a previous film, and insisted that Rupert read the bestselling book. Rupert is now "stuck reading 'Twilight' " and that Rob was just texting him to see how far along he was getting.

Rupert admitted he had only read the first five chapters of the bestselling book and we just informed him that there were three more books in the series. "No, really, are you serious? I thought there was just this one book?" Only now realizing he has to read three more, Rupert took his phone out and sent another message to Rob. By the looks of things, we can bet it wasn't a very pleasant message.
Park Chan-wook's Vampire Film 'Thirst' Gets Extra US Funding. You want to know a little secret? If there's only 'Twilight' news, not news for 'True Blood' or a movie like 'Thirst,' I don't use the 'vampires' tag.

Finally, A Good Reason To Go And See Star Trek. The 'Transformers 2' trailer? That would be a reason not to see 'Star Trek' for me, really.

Become a Jedi Knight in One Easy Lesson.

Brendan Fraser: I Could Have Been J.J. Abrams' Superman!

An Early Peek at the 'Iron Man' DVD Goodies; Favreau Reveals 'Iron Man 2' Secrets!

Coens Start 'A Serious Man' with Serious Unknowns; 'Burn After Reading': A hot No. 1; The Dangers Of Hitting Brad Pitt In The Face, By John Malkovich.

Kurt Loder Reviews Al Pacino And Robert De Niro’s ‘Righteous Kill’; Think You Want To Spend 30 Minutes Chatting With DeNiro And Pacino? You Don’t. Seriously. You Don’t.

Ray Winstone to replace De Niro in 'Darkness'?

Anthony Mackie Racing Forward With Jesse Owens Biopic.

Jim Sheridan Adapting 'I, Claudius.'

'Where the Wild Things Are' gets long-awaited release date.

Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges 'Stare at Goats.'

Winslet To Play Jong's Sex Fantasist?

Fivesome Joins 'All's Faire in Love' (Christina Ricci, Owen Benjamin, Nadine Velazquez, Bill Engvall and Cedric the Entertainer).

Colin Firth & Ben Barnes 'Easy Virtue' Interview.

WB Digs Rocker's 'Karma.'

Joseph Gordon Levitt Says No to 'Akira.'

New Movie To Redeem 'Seven Samurai' For SF Fans ['Doomsday Protocol'].

Wait a Minute - 'The Thing' Remake is Actually a Prequel?!

Producer Eyes "True" 'Terror Train' Remake. Even though there's already one remake ('Train') in the works. Because we need two of them. Yes.

'Sigmund and the Sea Monsters'? Sure, Let's Make That a Movie.

AV Club Feature: Commentary Tracks Of The Damned: 'Postal.'

'Dragonball' cost $100M to make? How?

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