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Better late than never, I always say

I changed up the sidebar a little bit. Let's see if you can tell what I added. *cough*

(Memes aside, I have just felt so sluggish today. Fnarr.)

HEY WAIT I ALMOST FORGOT. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS, IT IS EPIC. Seriously, it is so awesome this entry can barely contain the awesomosity of it. SOMEONE ACTUALLY PUT THAT ON THE BACK OF THEIR TRUCK, YOU GUYS.


Pink Floyd architect Richard Wright dies at age 65; Remembering Pink Floyd's Richard Wright.

David Foster Wallace: 1962-2008; Still Waiting For The Jest.

For Roth, death delivers the ultimate 'Indignation.'

Philippa Gregory's 'Queen' rules with intrigue. Oh dude! I totally have to get this! (I always like to think of Gregory's books as "romance novels for uppity people." You are only reading them for the historical fiction angle, yes. Totally.)


Is 'All Known Metal Bands' a work of plagiarism?

The Killers' New Album Out In Late November.

The Google Armada Is Coming.

io9 Talks To John Noble About Playing Science Fiction's Weirdest New Character.

The New 'Prisoner' Will Be Retro, Gentle.

12 Weakest Deaths In Science Fiction History. Spoilers, obviously.

Is This Really The New Batman And Robin? Hey, I didn't even know Neil Gaiman was doing Batman!

The 26 Most Disturbing Kid Movies Ever. So of course, I love half of them.

Kilmer Tipped To Become New Mexico Governor. Wait, what? Current governor Bill Richardson: "I like the idea. Val Kilmer is a New Mexican, he was Batman."

Toronto Review: J.T. Petty's 'The Burrowers'; Toronto Review: Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel's 'Deadgirl'; 10 SF&F Films That Wowed Toronto; Toronto Film Fest: Rourke wrestles with success; These Toronto festival finds are bound for USA.

'Slumdog Millionaire' hits it big with audience award.

Images: 'Smother' Poster Too Artistic For a Dax Shepard Comedy; 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' Pics (you had me with the title, and then you lost me with the Paris Hilton pic).

Clips and trailers: Seven Minutes of 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'; Sneak Peek: Check Out Michael Cera’s ‘Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist’; Exclusive Clip: 'Battle in Seattle'; 'Torchwood' Clip Sneaked; 'Four Christmases' Trailer is Pukable; 'Smother' trailer doesn't sound much better.

JKR/WB vs RDR Books Trial: An Appeal to be Filed.

Pepsi Man Jack White Lashes Out at 'Quantum' Theme in Coke Commercial; Alicia Keys Sounds Off on ‘Quantum’ Song, Says She Wants To Be A Bond Girl; Swatch Launches 007 Villains Watch Collection. I'm now imagining Le Chiffre wearing that pink Swatch watch I had in fifth grade.

How Billy Idol And Lance Henriksen Were Nearly James Cameron’s Terminators. I would have watched a movie with a Billy Idol T-1000 SO MANY TIMES.

'Iron Man 2' and '3' Details as Longoria is Rumored as Wasp in 'Avengers.'

Colin Firth Says Coen Brothers Film ‘Gambit’ Not Happening.

‘Twilight’ Star Kellan Lutz Says Stephenie Meyer Should Take Her Time With ‘Midnight Sun’ ("Yeah, take your time, bro. Rupert's still on the first one"); Nearly 1,000 Twilight fans swarm into Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day (which is also Bella Swan's birthday, which--if they were celebrating it correctly--they ought to be ignoring entirely); YOU GUYS THERE'S A TWILIGHT CONVENTION; "You hate Stephenie Meyer, so I hope you miscarry."

A Visit to the Set of 'Coraline.'

Fiennes + Pike To Replace Bettany + Connelly In Darwin Biopic. Whoa, that was quick.

And Two by Two They Came, for Darren Aronofsky.

DJ Caruso Wants to Shoot 'Y: The Last Man' Next Year.

Hirsute, Howl, and James Franco.

Jessica Biel, Catherine Keener Praise Director David O. Russell, Decide Not To Punch Him.

Ben Affleck to Write, Direct and Star in 'The Town.'

Ehren Kruger Adapting 'God Is a Bullet.'

Andy Tennant is 'Chasing Harry Winston.'

Vin Diesel is Back in 'xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.' Was it the first 'xXx' that had the immortal line, "Bitches, come!"? Factoids like this taking up space in my head is the reason I can't add numbers in my head anymore, by the way.

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