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Y'all, I am seriously beginning to think that my productivity is affected by barometric pressure. I spent three rainy days feeling like a slug, and now it's gorgeous outside and I feel great. Or maybe lack of sunlight chagrins my dazzle? I don't know. I'd like my dazzle to be more consistent, though.

(I should note here that the fine people at WTFudgery sent me five samples--chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate walnut, chocolate pretzel, and spicy chocolate--and I said I would give anyone with a name that fantastic a mention here whether the fudge was good or not. Fortunately, it was very good.)

(If it sounds like I've suddenly had people sending me stuff the last few weeks, well... that's kind of how it's been. I don't know. Every couple of years or so, my mailbox suddenly fills up with awesome. I'm not sure why--maybe because I've put up some new kind of thing online, like the Fifteen Minutes or the sporadic I still feel terrible about not finishing those Lost recaps or whatever. I guess it would be the Twilight recaps in this case.)


David Foster Wallace's First Story Republished.

Grandson discovers Agatha Christie recordings.

Meg Cabot to donate all proceeds from Princess Mia’s 'Ransom My Heart' to Greenpeace ("[Fictional character] Mia Thermopolis will write a Historical Romance novel to be published by Avon A and all the proceeds will be given to Greenpeace. The plot of the book is described as this: Finnula Crais, “the fair Finn,” is an adventurous beauty with more than a few secrets of her own. Finnula needs money for her sister’s dowry, and fast. Luckily she happens upon a knight in need of rescue in a local tavern - a nobleman who evidently has returned home to England from the Crusades with saddlebags of jewels, money, and lots of it. Finnula reasons what could be simpler than to kidnap him and hold him for ransom? ").

The Cure new album info. And whatever you do, don't buy it from iTunes ("I fucking despair").

Artist removes living creatures from famous paintings.

Rodriguez Hints At Return To 'Lost.'

The Doctor Who/Harry Potter Crossover You'll Never Get To See. I don't know, I'm kind of with David Tennant on this one.

EW and TWOP's 2008 Tubey Awards: The winners! So EW is all up in that now, hmm.

'Behind the Star' with Michael Stahl-David.

McGregor Plays Down 'Cancer Scare.'

'80s star makes comeback from rough times. I'm glad to hear it, fantastically generic headline!

Shannyn Sossamon and The Werewolf.

Netflix To Present Trophy To Champion Movie Watcher.

Toronto 2008 Day 7 - Day 10: Final Wrap-Up and Recap.

Images: More from the set of 'Dorian Gray' (nice coat, man); even more from the set of 'Dorian Gray'; The Poster for Toby Wilkins' 'Splinter.'

Trailers and clips: Trailer and Pics from 'Easy Virtue'; New 'Role Models' Red Band Trailer, Poster.

From diane_duane: Radcliffe suffers onstage 'shrinkage' ("Radcliffe explains, 'You tighten up like a hamster' "); Naked Harry Potter Will Teach You Things About Yourself.

Rolling Stone goes inside the recording of the new Bond theme; MTV’s Tim Kash Takes A Spin In James Bond’s Newest Ride.

Michael Caine To Play Batman In New Movie. Well, Sort Of.

Brett Ratner Unveils The Superman Movie That Never Was.

It's Twilight Tuesday! Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg Gives 'Spider Monkey' Credit To Robert Pattinson, says she drew inspiration from Brokeback Mountain (can't. hold in. pillow-biter. jokes.); 'Twilight' Stars Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz Describe New Flashback Scenes (also, Pattinson's version of "Bella's Lullaby" won't be in the movie. Fan petition started in three... two... one...) (Wait, they got Carter Burwell to score this movie? Holy hell); New trailer in mid-October? (No word on which movie it'll be in front of. If "mid" knocks out the first week and the last week of the month, I'm gonna guess... 'High School Musical 3'? Possibly 'City of Ember'? But probably HSM3, for maximum exposure?); Twilight Moms Clean House, And We Announce the Winners (really, MTV? Really?); shinga's latest Twilight comic.

(Related cast news: See 'Little Ashes' in London on October 8th; Cam Gigandet, Shane West and Rachael Leigh Cook are in negotiations to star in 'Kerosene Cowboys.' I was surprised to realize, from the accompanying picture, that Gigandet actually looks fairly attractive and not... like this.)

(Ah, the joys of Google Reader, allowing news from all over to roll in with minimal effort on my part.)

Keira Knightley carries bigwig role in 'The Duchess'; Keira Knightley loves period films, hates corsets; Knightley's Bleak Books Obsession; Fiennes Champions Knightley.

Universal Studios Hollywood Offers 'The Wolfman' First Look.
A rare and exclusive first look at Universal Pictures' highly anticipated re-imagining of the genre classic, The Wolfman, will debut at Universal Studios Hollywood's "Halloween Horror Nights" as part of the theme park's unique "Terror Tram."
Terror Tram?

Shia LaBeouf Talks About ‘Eye-Opening’ Crash, Becoming ‘Edible’; Shia LaBeouf Ably Defends His 'Indy 4' Stint By Comparing the Movie to 'Porky's'; LaBeouf Shocked By CIA Information:
The actor thought the film, in which he plays a man who is stalked by invisible special agents, was pure fiction - until he realised operatives have telephone conversations and insider information on all celebrities.

He says, "It is reality... The scary thing is sitting down with CIA operatives, who use this stuff. They played me back phone conversations I've had. It was extremely embarrassing."
All celebrities, you guys. ALL OF THEM.

Hear Charlie Kaufman Talk About Things.

Does Anybody Really Need This Much 'I Am Legend' Crap?

Earth-Ending Chemical MW Is Leaking All Over The Internet.

Critic: 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' Breaks Shallow New Ground in Mexican-American Relations. So... wait, this guy liked the movie?

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