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I'm a loser, baby

Feeling very sad and loserish and wanky at the moment. I really like to hang out in the LOTR thread at Fametracker, but apparently half the posters hate me now. All I said was, "Saruman and Wormtongue won't be in ROTK, they'll be on the DVD," with a link to the article. I didn't say, "We won't get to see Gimli throw Saruman and Wormtongue into a sack of mad cats until the DVD," or "I'm so mad we won't get to see Gandalf put them in a crate and throw them off a cliff." I didn't think the simple statement to the effect that what you already saw in TTT is all you're going to get was a spoiler. Of course, the person who already knows things isn't as good a judge of what's a spoiler as the person who doesn't know (and doesn't want to). I'm very sorry for that, and I went back and took what I did say out ASAP. But I used to be the beloved crack dealer of the thread, and now I'm the big-mouth loser, and it's a very sad moment when you realize what a thin-skinned little fangirl you actually are. Sigh.

I'll live. End of wank. ;)

Completely unrelated: pretty bad headache; worst one I've had all week, actually. Not only is everyone I know sick, but now my dog is sick--Lucky Dog has a fungus. Vladimir says he is feeling better, fortunately.

Randomly watched The Secret Garden with Sister Girl today. I liked that book as a kid but hadn't seen the movie (although I was much more into A Little Princess--haven't seen that movie all the way through, either). I was surprised to realize it was directed by Agnieska Holland--I really liked what she did with Washington Square, although I may be the only one. I did think Holland spent a little too much time building up to Mary settling in and meeting Colin, and not enough on the development of the kids' friendship and rehabilitation of the garden--the movie seemed to jump forward a little after we'd gotten past the gothic-novel-style buildup. I really liked the way the kids' friendship fluctuated in the book--the way Colin was jealous of Dickon, and how Mary would use that to light a fire under Colin's butt and get him out of bed. But I like Holland's style over all, and I ended up very much liking the girl who played Mary... who, oddly enough, will be playing Wendy in that Johnny Depp Neverland movie about J.M. Barrie that's coming out next year (not to be confused with Peter Pan coming out at Christmas).

Ought to write some more on my NaNoWriMo. Hell, ought to write some more on BR#4. Head hurrrrts.
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