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As usual, less productive than I had hoped

Please note that a good 70% of my Tonner announcement freakout euphoria earlier today was specifically doll-related. Remember, I already made my list of Ten Dolls I Would Like to See Tonner Make, so... this is all doll-collector crazy right here. Mostly.

(Since I mention a Susan doll in that top ten entry, here's pictures of the Narnia dolls Tonner pulled from their site [maybe they went back to the drawing board?]. Not only do I want them to actually get around to selling these, because I desperately want a Susan, but I also want them to make a Caspian so bad so I can buy him for her. I know, it's crazy, but for some reason I love Susan in the movies. [That's probably not how you expected me to finish a sentence beginning "I know, it's crazy," is it?] )

Also, in completely unrelated news, I created a media page on my little personal wiki, mostly as a scrapbook for myself so I can remember when people let me pretend I was someone important (whee!). So SUCK IT, WIKIPEDIA! Media outlets have occasionally mistaken me for someone notable enough to write about!


Whoa, where did all the linkspam come from? Outlandish segues into condescending gospel choirs or Muppet guest appearancesCollapse )

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