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Pretty and witty and GAY SO GAY OMG

Allegedly there is someone downstairs fixing the fridge (the wrong part came in last time), which sounds promising. But meanwhile! Famous people are out there being GAY and it is SO OUR BUSINESS, the media will have you know:

Clay Aiken: 'Yes, I'm Gay.' World: 'Yes, We Knew'; Clay Aiken is gay? Really? NO KIDDING (EPIC ONTD POST IS EPIC). And somewhere, the collective Claymate breakdown is in progress, I'm sure.

Lindsay Lohan FINALLY Confirms Relationship With Samantha Ronson. "Finally" kind of bugs me here--you know, because she so totally owes us an explanation of her life and needs to get right on that. But, you know. Apparently it's a good day to be gay, so good on them.

More linkspam!

Travis Barker undergoes surgeries after plane crash; Barker trying to stay positive after crash; New Details on How Travis Barker and DJ AM Survived Plane Crash.

David Blaine: Cheater; Cheater Update.

David Cook's Single "Light On."

She Even Told Her Hairdresser: An update on the Megan Meier case from The Smoking Gun.

Ice Age geology revealed at Ground Zero.

New media formats revealed by the Internet.

Supercollider shut down until spring.

David Foster Wallace on Worship, Choice, and Freedom.

What Did Diane Duane Think Of Star Trek: Nemesis?

'Eragon' creator prizes solitude, or, as it appeared on my Google Reader account, "Dragon lover makes own chain mail." I'm not making that up, by the way.

Burning Bookmark. Awesome.

Cookie Monster Slayer. AWESOME.

Sci Fi Channel Goes Beyond In Search Of New Brand, may change name and give up any pretense of being about scifi. Look, just keep playing my Twilight Zone marathons on key holidays and everyone gets out of here alive.

'ER'-Rejecting George Clooney Leaves the TV Slumming to Tim Roth. TIM ROTH'S GONNA BE ON TV?!

Doctor Who's Davies Says No To George Lucas.

GOOP? Seriously, Gwyneth?

Trailers and clips: Tyler Perry's 'Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail' Teaser; 'Notorious' Teaser Reminiscent of Correlation Between Money, Problems; Must Watch: Nacho Vigalondo's 'Timecrimes' Trailer.

J.K. Rowling Reveals All In Anelli's New Book, ‘Harry, A History’; MTV Interviews Cheryl Klein; Hermione: Ditching Hogwarts for Harvard?

Dark Knight DVD Psychoanalyzes Itself for You.

It's Twilight Tuesday! Kellan Lutz Recalls How He Almost Wasn't Cast As Belligerent 'Goofball' Emmett, is dumb enough to take candy from strangers, likes to go to the mall with Nikki Reed; 'Twilight' fans flock to town for vampire magic:
Almost everyone has a "Twilight" story: the teen who dropped his library card, only to discover Twilighters had found it and kept it; the cheerleader who has out-of-town mothers stop her on the street offering cash for her uniform; the Quileute native, who heads to LaPush to chop wood and sees giddy teenagers snatching up driftwood as souvenirs.
Singing Spidey Will Dance Across Broadway Sooner Than Expected.

'American Psycho': The Broadway Musical? Awesome!

‘Hairspray’ Sequel In Works, Reveals Queen Latifah.

Disney, Church of Scientology, Spike Lee and 'Miracle at St. Anna'?

'Eagle Eye' Unscripted; Fantastic Fest Review: 'Eagle Eye.'

Keira Knightley to Play Zelda Fitzgerald?

Mark Ruffalo Promises ‘Ashecliffe’ Will Rank Among Martin Scorsese’s Best. 'Ashecliffe,' 'Shutter Island,' I don't know. Maybe they should just call it SCORSESE THING WHATEVER and put that in theaters.

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg may star in 'Tintin.'

'Wanted' Director Takes on 'Moby Dick.' ... Huh.

ScarJo, Caine, and McConaughey in a Heist Film?!

Oscar Update: 'Reader' Debate and Two More Foreign Hopefuls; Weinstein Vs. Rudin: Handicapping Their Kate Winslet Oscar Grudge Match.

Shane Black Returns as a 'Cold Warrior.'

'Rashomon 2010': The 'Rashomon' of the FUTURE.

'Saw V' Update: 14 Pics, French Poster and New TV Spot. Blah blah gore porn blah.

Gabriel Macht Explains Where 'The Spirit' Went Wrong.

When the Nerds Beat Up on the Poor Jock [Found Footage].

The Hater: Kirk Cameron Doesn't Understand Acting. "Or metaphors. Or bananas."

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