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Re: The weirdly defiant POTO/15M theft: the full text of the You Accusatory Squirrel-Like Person rant got posted (well, it was always public), but now there's a very teal apology up. Bizarre.

(If the girl's reading this--look, it's not that a big deal. You thought it was written by someone else and you thought you had their permission. That wasn't correct; now you know, you took it down, and you apologized. Apology accepted. It's not a "heinous crime"; it's just something that needs to be taken down. Really, it's not the end of the world, and you don't have to take your toys and go home; it's only going to be as big a deal as you make it.)

(Or maybe this is what's going on. I don't know.)

(Wait, she paid someone else $47 for the "rights" to something I wrote? What?)

Meanwhile: Less jittery today, although I do feel very awake.

Something that occurred me while I was answering comments* on the previous entry--I had thought that increasing the Lamictal (an anti-seizure drug now used for depression and manic-depression) would stabilize the mood cycling, until it occurred to me mid-sentence that maybe that's exactly what it's doing. I'd thought "stabilize" would mean it would make the hypomanic episodes less noticeable, but maybe what it's done instead is make the cycle more regular. I mean, I was able to look back on my entry calendar here and point out a fairly consistent four-week cycle, with episodes of increased productivity near the end of the month. (I'm not sure how this maps to any other kind of cycle, and I don't really want to get into that at the moment. But yeah, I'm looking at that.) And since I usually try to "make hay while the sun shines" anyway--try to get work done when I feel good, and not beat myself too much over periods where I feel bad--having a fairly regular schedule would be pretty helpful. I don't know if it'll stay like this, but it'll be interesting to watch for the next few months and see if it does.

* Trying to answer comments and not being able to answer enough of them or keep up with all of them is another thing I tend to feel guilty about. *hangs head*

Meanwhile, padawansguide came through for us with some new, even better Alice in Wonderland pics. We don't think it's literally Violet Baudelaire's coat, but it's clearly a design that Atwood is reusing. Which is cool, because I love that coat.

(Here's more, assuming they stay up/unlocked. Maybe long enough for you to see Baby Bonham-Carter-Burton's rockin' red velvet cape this time.)

And if I didn't know better, I'd swear I went to college with the girl playing Alice. (S'up, Beth! "Rita Dove! I love her!")

More linkspam! And early, so I can get back to work!

operaweasel is posting her novel "The Grimy Amours of Gertrude" on LiveJournal as a serial. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds gothic, so hey!

BREAKING: MGM Bomb-Threat Tradition Revived; Building Evacuated.

A Shadowy, Wet World of Squirt-Gun Assassins.

DJ AM released from burn hospital.

Britney Spears Reunites With 'Toxic' Director, Autotune For New Single 'Womanizer.'

University honour for rock stars Muse.

Suzanne Vega: Now the story behind 'Tom's Diner' can be told.

Wendy and Lisa prepare 'Heroes' score album.

Check out Stephen King's new ad for ESPN's 'SportsCenter.'

Matt Damon is an Enemy To Cannibals Everywhere! "Matt was asked by a German reporter if, after having made so many movies that portray the criminal intent of humans, he felt compelled to make more socially conscious movies. His reply: His movie 'Ocean’s Eleven' was seen by a German man who had responded to an ad that would have allowed him to have some of his body parts eaten by a real life Hannibal Lector, but after seeing the movie, decided maybe that was not such a good idea!"


Immortal McHorror burger is 12 years old, looks just like new.

Listen to Yourself. For some reason, the last panel of the comic is both pitiful and hilarious to me.

Robert Wagner considered killing Warren Beatty over Natalie Wood! I'm not sure I'd be admitting this, honestly. Especially since Warren Beatty is still, you know, around.

Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to TV.

Join Dr. Horrible's Evil League Of Evil.

'True Blood' Promotes Cast to regulars; TV Smackdown V: 'Sanctuary' Vs. 'True Blood.'

Fan Made: Angelina Jolie - The Doll, as repainted by Noel Cruz whose website I have kind of stalked for a few years now. He did a great repaint of the Tonner Pirate Elizabeth Swann that was on eBay a while back, in fact.

Images: 44 New Pics from 'Body of Lies', 'Hunger' and 'Gomorrah'; Splinter; Good; Repo! The Genetic Opera!; In The Post Apocalyptic Frozen Future, We Will Never Surrender To Polar-Bear Fury.

Trailers and clips: Latest 'Valkyrie' Trailer is Here and It's Intense; Beautiful New 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button' TV Spot; Must Watch: Badass Final Trailer for Frank Miller's 'The Spirit' (Latest 'Spirit' Trailer has Evidence of 'Watchmen').

trailer_spot: Valkyrie, W., Bedtime Stories, I've Loved You So Long, Hunger.

New Documentary ‘We Are Wizards’ Puts ‘Potter’ Fans First; 'Equus' Round Up: Broadway Debut Tonight.

Rupert Grint and Emily Blunt on the set of 'Wild Target.' Hey, I think Bill Nighy is walking by in one of those pics as well.

Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno Wreaks Havoc In Milan (VIDEO); 'Bruno' Sighted in Milan, Swathed in Fabric.

No Punitive Damages For Tolkien's Heirs.

‘City of Ember’ Director Urges: Vote Bill Murray; The Real Maverick Campaigns For Mayor.

Check Out Some Cool 'Iron Man' Concept Art; ‘Iron Man’ Writers In Talks For Another Marvel Franchise; Real-Life Rocket Man Takes Flight Over English Channel.

Justice League's Bruce Wayne Finally Speaks Out.

Helen Mirren, Nazi Huntress.

Megan Fox signs up for mermaid role in 'Fathom.'

Greg Kinnear Praises Paul Greengrass And His Unpredictable Style On 'Green Zone.'

Cops & Killers: 'Lethal Weapon 5: New Recruits' and Lee Child's 'One Shot.'

'Fireproof' marries God, filmmaking.

Spike Lee’s latest not quite a ‘Miracle’; The sap rises high in 'Rodanthe.'

The Hater: Ghost Ship 2: Ghost Gym. Yeah... the bad-movieness is a little thin on the ground today.

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