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Whine, whine, whine

Well, now I'm just sad.

1. I'm not getting any mail at my Hotmail address, which is my primary. My mother tried to send me one, Vladimir tried, I tried from my Yahoo--each one got bounced back. (Weirdly, if I sent it from the Hotmail address to the Hotmail address, it went through.) The "delivery failed" message said that the email was "too big" (1 kb?) for either my email inbox (18% clear) or "the current system limits." Until I figure out what the hell is going on, I'm going to use my dailydigest at account. Is anyone else on Hotmail having trouble?

It's freaking me out, because I get about 5-10 new emails an hour, and now I don't even know what I'm not getting.

2. Well, here's the good news: I finally located the ACDSee (image editor) thumbnail cache that Gunther was telling me about, and it was 1.63 gig. So once I had deleted it, I had that much cleared out on Betsy, who was thrilled to actually have some breathing room again. So I cheered and went to download Kazaa again, because I've lost my favorite Pretenders CD (the one with "Ill Stand By You," meh, and my all-time favorite Pretenders song, "Night in My Veins"), WHICH I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BACK IN THE DAY, and I wanted to download a couple of the songs to have on hand again. I've had "Night in My Veins" on MP3 for a few years now, but I'd really like to have "Love Colours." And guess what? Kazaa comes up with nothing. Because no one uses it anymore, because the RIAA sucks. That's the bad news.

I'm so going to have to buy this on, aren't I?

...Whoa, 99¢? I think I just stopped complaining.

3. Oh, and I'm still mystified as to why the CHUD page with the super-exclusive Batman suit sculpt pics just vanished. Not "Oh, these turned out to be fakes," or "Oh, WB asked us to take them down"--I'm talking 404, We Have No Idea What You're Talking About. I saved them, but... I'm kinda scared to put them up now.

(Where is everyone? I'm kind of spooked... it's like a ghost town online. Even the tumbleweed is getting the hell out of Dodge. Is everyone just hiding until April Fool's blows over, or something?)


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