Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Everybody's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed dog

After Paul Newman this morning, I think we could all use some cheering up now.

So Sister Girl came over--the plumbing is out at her apartment, so she needed to wash some clothes and dishes, and with her she brought several new stories about Pete the puppy. First of all, here's a picture she sent me a while back of Pete in his new t-shirt:

It says "Wild Man." What you can't see is that on the left side, there is (apparently) "a small or baby werewolf." Apparently Pete is declaring himself to be firmly on Team Fursplode. (Also, keep in mind that this picture was taken from above Pete, so the perspective makes him look like his neck is as long as the rest of his body. Which is not, in fact, the case.)

So then she comes over today, and she shows me a picture (like, on the sales tag) of Pete's Halloween costume, which is a green dragon. You know, those costumes they make for pets. (Don't look at me; I don't dress my dogs up.) "He likes to eat the wings," she says.

(I would just like to break in here to say that this ain't right, y'all.)

So then she tells me about how she came home one afternoon from work and let Pete out of his house (crate), and was kind of holding him down (because he likes to jump up on you, and onto your shoulder if at all possible, which is great except for the fact he now weighs 26 pounds) and petting him, and she said, "Peter! Did you have a good day?"

And Pete said, "I did!"

No, he actually said, "I did!" Sister Girl has her friend J. as a witness to this. "It didn't sound like a bark or anything," she told me, "not like, 'Ri rihd!" or something. No, he actually said, 'I did!' "

So... yeah.

So then yesterday, she was texting her boyfriend and put down her iPhone (I know, I hate her too) with the keyboard still pulled out, and when she looked over, Pete was playing with it. "Give that back!" she says. So she looks over, and Pete has sent her boyfriend a message. Like, he typed it in and hit send. And here's what it said:


Like, he even capitalized the H and everything. So she's all like "OMG PETE JUST SENT YOU A MESSAGE" and her boyfriend writes back, "Pete just hexed me?"

"See, that wasn't it at all," Sister Girl told me. "What Pete meant was, like, 'Hey.' Except that he's still little, and he got X and Y confused because he doesn't know his letters very well."

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