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I had a couple of thoughts today while I was making breakfast after posting the True Blood recap:

1. Are sunlight-phobic vampires so angsty because they don't get enough vitamin D?

2. Could you kill a vampire with a full-spectrum lamp?

(Not sure when I'll post the second episode. Writing recaps needs to be contingent on my getting actual work done.)


Hollywood Mourns Paul Newman's Death; Stars honor screen legend Newman; Robert Redford mourns loss of 'real friend' Newman; An Appraisal: An Actor Whose Baby Blues Came in Shades of Gray; Newman's Daughters Hail Him As An "Inspirational" Father; Newman's Daughter: 'Fans Should Support Each Other'; What's next for Newman's food biz?; Paul Newman's legacy: Good works.

Heath Ledger Leaves $10 Million To Matilda, But Insurance Company Reportedly Balks At Payment; Insurer sued over Ledger's $10M policy.

Celebrate Banned Books Week!; Pullman glad that HDM is one of the most "challenged" books in America.

We Must Act Now to Save American Poetry.

Pirates Demand $35 Million Ransom.

Stewart and Colbert Double-Team the Issues; Stewart & Colbert: Exclusive Q&A.

Introducing the Katy Perry doll. DON'T EVEN TALK TO ME.

Prince launches Official '21 Nights' Book Campaign; Prince is going to knock on your door.

'The Boss' to play Super Bowl halftime.

David Blaine Will Not Perform "That." No word on what he will or will not do for love.

Hutchison Reveals 'Lost' Return.

Admiral Cain To Join Vampire Orgy In 'True Blood'; True Blood's Viral Campaign; Vampires Are The New Superheroes [Are The New Pirates Update]; Alan Ball Preps Horror Film, Looks Towards 1930s For Screwball Sex Comedy.

HBO Developing Futuristic Immigrant Drama 'Americatown.'

Spooked: Our Real-Life Ghost Hunt.

Delusion or Alien Invasion? Disorders That Make Life Seem Like Scifi.

You’ve Been A Steampunk Movie Fan Forever, Whether You Knew It Or Not.

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds Got Married [Tragedies]. Yeah. There's a reason I didn't put this up top with actual deaths.

Images: Enter Oliver Stone's 'W.' Situation Room and Meet the Dogs; More 'Saw 5' stills; Jason Voorhees Unmasked. I refuse to allow this headline its exclamation point.

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Second Full Trailer for Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia'; The Trailer for Will Smith's 'Seven Pounds'; Must Watch: Another New Full 'Benjamin Button' Trailer!; Exclusive 'Easy Virtue' Video; 'The Spirit' Trailer Continues Frank Miller's Love Affair with Beautiful Women, Ridiculous Dialog, and Monochromatic Ties; Isla Fisher's 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' Trailer; Worth Watching: Seth Grossman's 'The Elephant King' Trailer; Would You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?; Nazi Zombies And Parasitic Monsters Are Ruining Everyones Vacation.

trailer_spot: Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Spirit, W., Gomorra, Soloist.

BREAKING: Russell Crowe Will Play Robin Hood AND The Sheriff In Ridley Scott’s ‘Nottingham.’ Huh. I... huh.

New HBP wall calendar scans!; Radcakes wins raves for 'Equus'; MTV EXCLUSIVE: Rupert Grint talks 'Cherrybomb' (I am really disturbed that I thought that was Jude Law in the picture at first); Spoof: ‘Harry Potter’ Meets ‘The Office.’

New 'Quantum' Photos Featuring Daniel Craig And Olga Kurylenko; Is 'Quantum Of Solace' Science Fiction?; The Many Marketing Partners Of 'Quantum of Solace'; Smirnoff To Launch James Bond Campaign In October. BITCH PLEASE. Why don't you just have him shill Aristocrat? Best paint thinner I ever drank.

Oscar Voters Get First Glimpse At Groundbreaking 'Dark Knight' Blu-Ray.

Marvel Studios and Paramount Extend Distribution Agreement; Discuss: Which Upcoming Marvel Film Has the Most Promise?

Actor/Director Kenneth Branagh Helming Marvel's 'Thor'!

'Iron Man' Extended/Deleted Scenes & More!; 'Iron Man' DVD caps.

Green Lantern Movie Finally Takes Flight.

Millar's 'War Heroes' Headed To Screen After All.

'Eagle Eye' Writers Working on a 'Blade Runner 2'?!; Stop 'Blade Runner 2' Before It Starts!

'Men In Black 3': Are There Any More Wacky Aliens Left?

Tim Robbins Promises Fans He’ll Never Make Sequels of Anything.

Rachel McAdams Left Bookish By ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife.’

Peace at Last! Scott Rudin and Harvey Weinstein Slate 'Reader' For '08; Oscar Update: 'Reader' Release Date and Hoffman's Pitch.

Miramax Acquires Clive Owen's 'Boys.'

More Confusing Updates on Pixar's 'John Carter of Mars.'

Tom Cruise Talks 'Valkyrie' Controvery, Accents and More.

Plum is Developing 'The Innocent.'

Penn Texts Madonna To Boast About Gay Kiss. Even considering that they were, in fact, once married... the hell?

Ronan: 'City of Ember' Faithful To Book.

DiCaprio has fond memories of ‘Titanic.’

Fantastic Fest Review: 'South of Heaven.'

You're Not As Obsessed with Star Wars As You Think.

‘Repo the Genetic Opera’ Director Darren Lynn Bousman Reveals Rock N’ Roll Fantasies.

Kurt Loder Reviews Cult Horror Film ‘Midnight Meat Train.’

'Plan 9' Remake Is Cast. Here's my question: would a bad movie be a bad remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space, or a good remake?

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