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As promised, the linkspam. And now, to find a heating pad or something.

US official: 3 pirates may be dead in shootout.

Lance Bass kissed a girl and he liked it. Also: probably the first time that cherry Chapstick has ever been used as a prop on Dancing with the Stars.

Nobel judge calls U.S. too ignorant.

The Longest Science Fiction Books of All Time.

Pratchett Talks 'Nation,' Illness; Terry Pratchett's 'Nation': moving and sweet young adult novel about science, superstition and decency.

The Girl Who Was JT LeRoy.

How 'Tom’s Diner' Tuned the MP3.

Michael Johns tries luck as independent artist after Idol.

Peter Sarsgaard takes wing in ‘The Seagull.’

Britney at Serendipity restaurant. I don't actually care about the photos per se--what killed me was the bit after the sauce source link, which I kind of want to print out and tape over my desk.

New Yorker Film Festival: The 5 Scariest Movies Ever?; Cinematical Seven: Horror Remakes That DON'T Suck!

Images: Carrey and Deschanel On the set of 'Yes Man'; 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' Poster Observes How Women Enjoy Purchasing Things; 'House' Poster: It's No 'House M.D.' But It Is Hilarious.

Trailers and clips: New 'Revolutionary Road' Photo and Better Trailer Peek; Exclusive Red Band 'Sex Drive' Clip; Exclusive Clips: Watch Russell Brand’s Music Video And Audition Tape From ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’; Madonna Made This Movie and There's a Trailer.

trailer_spot: Revolutionary Road, Hank and Mike, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Filth and Wisdom, Bolt.

Harvey Weinstein Made to Look Really Bad Over 'Reader' Flap (he hassled Anthony Minghella's widow? Seriously?); Weinstein Email Claims 'Untrue.'

Daniel Craig Will Accept Your Blame for the Title 'Quantum of Solace'; Total Film's 10-Page 'Quantum of Solace' Exclusive; Quantum of Solace 's "Another Way to Die" Music Video; Driving the Aston Martin DBS at 120 MPH!; Craig 'Obsessed' With His Fitness; India to Get 'Solace' Before the U.S.

It's Twilight Tuesday! ‘Twilight’ Star Cam Gigandet Talks ‘Pandorum,’ ‘Pinkville,’ ‘Kid Cannabis’; Entertainment Weekly Twilight photoshoot outtake; The Official 'Robert Pattinson is God' Wallpaper, or, Rope of Silicon tangles with Twihards for the first time; Kristen Stewart playing a stripper next? I almost wanted to cross that out and say "trolling her own fandom," because MAN, are the Twilight Moms gonna love that. Also: Stephenie Meyer debuts as a ~music video director~. That's all the original headline right there, kids.

DVD Clip: Robert Downey Jr. Suits Up As ‘Iron Man’; 'Iron Man' Clips Show Stripper-Pole Antics And Armored Mishaps; Tony Stark Revolutionizes Home Entertainment, One Dell At A Time.

'Iron Man 2' and 'Dawn Treader' Release Date Conflict. Y'all... I know we have some hardcore 'Iron Man' fans around here, but... I GREW UP IN NARNIA, Y'ALL! COME ON! SOMEONE has got to back down from this game of chicken, surely.

J. Michael Straczynski Says Kenneth Branagh Perfect Pick For ‘Thor’ Movie.

Russell Crowe May or May Not Be Playing Multiple Roles in 'Nottingham.' More importantly, the accompanying picture reveals that Russell Crowe was on Martha Stewart's show?

Kirsten Dunst "in" for Spider-Man 4.

Did David Fincher Just Make a Chick Flick?

McG's Terminator Baby Never Had The Cameron Blessing [Terminator 4].

Blind activists plan protest of movie 'Blindness.'

Guess the Farmhouse from Tarantino's 'Inglorious Bastards'!!! Bastard activists also planning a protest.

Ask The Cast Of ‘High School Musical 3’ Anything! Submit Now! SUBMIIIIIIIT.

'Sunday School Musical': "We're All in This Together (Unless You're a Heathen)."

Ann Peacock to Pen Grisham's 'The Partner.'

Panabaker Joins Russell's 'Prodigy.'

Thomas Dekker in 'Fame' Remake.

Oh No! Brett Ratner Officially Directing 'God of War'?!

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