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Stop the presses!

Oh dear. I had an entry in my weblog about an article in USAToday about Cancun spring-break debauchery:

USAToday on spring break in Cancun: "‘We want to get drunk and naked — that's why we're down here [in Cancun],’ says bikini-clad Jen Sincox, 20, of Ramapo College in New Jersey. ‘This is sun and alcohol 24/7.’

"Sincox, who is among nine Ramapo College friends here from Jersey, spent $1,200 for airfare and seven days' room and board at the Grand Oasis hotel, one of dozens that cater to spring breakers. Factoring in other expenses, she figures the trip will cost $2,000. ‘We went shopping for slutty clothes before we got here,’ she says."

Wow. Anyone got any penicillin? I feel kinda infected now. Also: Is this even a real person, or just a Stephen Glass-style invented source? Because I can't even imagine someone being that obvious. "Kids these days--we want to be drunk and naked in our slutty clothes!"

Well, I just got an alert that the following comment has been posted:

She is a real person alright. Its not a made up story.
Posted Fri 2 Apr 3:54 PM GMT by Someone who knows her ( - )

I'm not sure what my reaction to this is supposed to be. I mean, what's the tone of the comment? "Oh yeah... she's real. Sounds just like her, too." Or "OMG she's real! You are so mean!" I can't decide. And if it's the latter--well, I'd have a hard time feeling contrite for ragging on someone who boasted about getting sauced off her ass in her "slutty clothes" (or lack thereof, even) in a national newspaper.
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