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You know how bad I didn't want to work today? I went and scrubbed the toilet instead. And then I went and worked on footnotes for The Prestige anyway.

(The bitchful part of it is having to go back through my books on stage magic--which, being print copies, don't have helpful search functions--to back up my vague claims that, uh, stage patter was... important, and... stuff. People died doing the bullet catch... somewhere. I mean, definitely. I'm pretty sure. The real attraction of a footnoted "Prestige in Fifteen Minutes," though, is that I've gone through it and theorized (spoiler) >>which brother is pretending to be "Alfred Borden" in each scene<<, and I think I can make a pretty compelling case. I'm working on a discussion of the differences between the POTO musical/movie and the book, with key excerpts from the latter--it's public domain, after all--and I already have huge amounts of My Thoughts on Dracula, Let Me Show You Them for that 15M. With any luck, this will be something people would actually be willing to pay for.)

So hopefully I'll have my little e-book (zip folder, really) done soon and can try to raise some money to pay off the air conditioner we had to replace, since I've been working on the footnotes for months and the no-interest period ends as of this month, and if we can't pay the rest off, we start having to pay 23% interest as well. And also, I want to move on with my life and get back to working on Black Ribbon. Particularly since October is such a great gothy little month.

(Hey, randomness! You know that's a really fun snack? A slice of bread with peanut butter spread over it and then covered in mini-marshmallows. Kind of an open-faced fluffernutter sandwich. The sad thing is that I don't even have the excuse that I liked to eat this as a child or anything. I just went downstairs to make myself a sandwich and went, "Huh, you know what might be fun...?" I think the bleach fumes from the toilet are starting to get to me.)


Sheriff: Search teams find Fossett wreckage.

Pirates: $20 million ransom stands.

Bank Robber Uses Craigslist To Hire Unsuspecting Accomplices.

Is Romance Making Acceptance Inroads in the SF Community?

Random House Loses Big Authors; Charlaine Harris Dominates the Bestseller List.

Speaking of which: Can Canon Entertainment Do for Patricia Briggs what HBO Is Doing for Charlaine Harris? Okay, everyone hold on, because I noticed a ton of Mercy Thompson fans in the Twilight posts on Fandom Wank, but: apparently there's a movie deal now.

10 ways to waste time on the Web. Three thoughts: 1) People need more ways to waste time on the internet? 2) Y'all are just discovering Homestar Runner now? 3) TV Tropes: somehow not on this list. Probably for the good of humanity. No, I will not link to it. It is too dangerous. The last time I went over there, they had to send out a pack of bloodhounds to find me and bring me back.

Was 2006 The Golden Age Of Viral Videos?

A download of Paramore's "Decode," to be on the Twilight soundtrack. I'm just not going to really listen to the words, I think. I'd rather listen to it as a Paramore song than TEH LOVE THEME OF EDWARD AND BELLA. (It's really growing on me, though. I'm just singing wordlessly along with it.)

Kills tour bus and driver GONE MISSING ("This guy better hope he is dead or else he'll be going to jail for a long long time. All their luggage is missing too. They have really expensive clothes people").

'Seagull' fails to take flight on Broadway; Top indie star wants to be less liked.

Neil Gaiman's "Graveyard Book," chapter-a-day reading video from the tour; Master Storyteller Neil Gaiman Talks Steampunk And ‘Neverwhere’ Influence. Man, MTV's like a kid with a new toy with this steampunk thing.

RetroFuturistic Travel Posters for your Home.

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid of These Science Fictional Cults [Triviagasm].

'Pushing Daisies' Now Doing Just That In The Ratings.

Jimmy Smits Stabs Stuntman For Real In TV Scene-Gone-Wrong. (Spoilers for 'Dexter,' apparently.)

Johnny Rotten sells out ... for butter.

Jessica Alba Muzzles Self For America's Sake; Come On -- Now Jessica Alba's Hannibal Lecter?!

What's the Buzz: New York Film Festival.

Should Jay Leno host next year's Oscars? NO. See, that was easy.

Foster leads flock of stars introducing films at AFI bash.

Sam Mendes Tells His Best Paul Newman Stories; Cruise Pays Essay Tribute To 'Idol' Newman.

Images: Exclusive: 'Pray the Devil Back to Hell' Poster Premiere; Is This the 'Angels and Demons' Teaser Poster?; Groovy Early Art from 'The Incredibles.'

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Second Full US 'Let the Right One In' Trailer ('Let the Right One In' is Like a Horror 'My Girl'); Exclusive 'Haunting of Molly Hartley' Clip; Two New 'Saw V' TV Spots, MySpace Website Launched; Kevin James's 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' Full Trailer; HQ 'Dragonball' Trailer (with audio). Yes, this whole enterprise is so ghetto that they have to specify "with audio."

Harry Potter: New HBP Cave Scene Image and More; HBP scans (WARNING: PICS ARE KIND OF HUGE. Wait, random waitress what?); More HBP scans (aw, tearful Lavender).

A sneak peak at the 'Watchmen' movie; Early Reaction: More Watchmen Footage Revealed and Updates!; description of the 25 minutes shown; No Watchmen 2, But Plenty Of Dr. Manhattan's Blue Junk To Go Round.

Zack Snyder Reveals Story Details for '300' Sequel.

Sherlock Holmes Begins Production in London (HEY LONDONERS IN THE HIZZY DO YOU HEAR THAT); Guy Ritchie’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Cast Confirmed, But More Surprises Likely; Downey Jr.’s Sherlock may become franchise; 'Sherlock Holmes' ET interview with RDJ and Rachel McAdams. Y'all, I am going to start chewing my fingernails over this. Please do not suck.

Revealed! One Banished Extra's Plan to Sabotage 'Transformers 2'; If Megatron Kills Shia LaBeouf On Set, Who Will Play All The Scifi Protagonists?

Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro 'Heard You Paint Houses'; Scorsese and De Niro Teaming Up in Typical Fashion.

Ben Whishaw Confirms his role in 'The Tempest' as... Ariel. Huh. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Rush will play Gonzalo.

Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris gab about garb, camaraderie in 'Appaloosa.'

EXCLUSIVE: Julianne Moore Leads The Way In ‘Blindness’; 'Blindness' falls into darkness and doom.

Determined filmmaker Mike Leigh: 'Never compromise.'

'Infinite Playlist' strikes just the right note.

Focus Studio Chief Eager For Us To Drink In Sean Penn As ‘Milk.’

Pierre Morel Wants to Be a 'Hunter-Killer.'

Chuck Palahniuk's Sad 'Choke' Contest: " 'Want to go see Choke this weekend and have your name in Chuck's next book?' Um, as what? A snuff film victim? A gangbang participant?" Yeah... I think it'd be hilarious to get someone to name a character "Cleolinda Jones," in all my pen name's cartoonish retro-sploitation glory. Just... not Chuck Palahniuk.

Hayden Christensen Signed to Act Wooden in Three Movies.

Hitman Thriller 'Killshot' Gets Bumped (Again).

Yogi Bear Steals Picnic Baskets and the Big Screen For Live-Action/CGI Hybrid.

‘Die Hard’ Screenwriter Looks To John McClane’s Past & Future, Muses On ‘Live Free.’

12 Movie Sequels That Must Never Get Made.

Steven Seagal Looks Towards Outer Space For ‘Under Siege 3.’

Paul Walker on Why He Returned For ‘Fast and Furious:’ ‘Money,’ Actor Says.

Is The Starlost The Worst Science Fiction Series Ever Made?

Evil Needs A Sperm Donor [Found Footage].

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