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So, first order of business: True Blood recap #2 went up earlier today, if you missed that.

Second: today's Journal Birthday flashback might as well be about the time Sister Girl made beignets.

Third: If you think Days of Our Lives was crazy, feast your eyes on Passions. Also: how the DOOL Salem Stalker/Bizarro Salem storyline ended.


foresthouse: Age-Banding Books: Our Children Will Be Dumber For It.

Bookshelf Bailout: Read Free Books.

Interview: Meg Cabot.

Strippers, potato chips inspire Ig Nobel winners.

Chicken soup for stressed-out pandas.

Fire Peaches Geldof; Peaches Geldof's A 'Monster', Says MTV Boss.

How 'SNL' Plans to Cover Last Night's Debate (Without Having to Actually Hire a Black Woman); Candidate dolls cause controversy for retailer.

David Tennant May Never Leave Doctor Who, Claims Producer; David Tennant in 'Love's Labour's Lost' rehearsals.

Paul Newman on the cover of Entertainment Weekly issue #1015; Paul Newman: A legend and a life (EW).

Cheadle, Swinton And Frears To Be Honoured By BAFTA/LA.

Trailers and clips: The Devil Lives in 'House' Trailer and Poster; Another Horror Movie Full of Ghosts - 'The Uninvited' Trailer (Emily Browning! Where u been, bb?); Worth Watching - Amy Adams' 'Sunshine Cleaning' Trailer (not to mention Emily Blunt); Exclusive: Clip from Bill Maher's 'Religulous'; Exclusive Clip: Watch ‘Gossip Girl’ Star Chace Crawford In ‘The Haunting Of Molly Hartley’; 'Dragonball' Teaser Leaked on My Face, in My Eyes.

Game On! Two New Harry Potter Board Games Now Available; Rowling 'makes £5 every second' (and let it be noted that she then gives a sizable amount to charity); Emma Watson: Chanel Cutie (Hermione grew up to be a fashion plate. Huh).

More From Snyder's 'Watchmen' Sneak.

New Twilight trailer coming out next week; Questioning 'Twilight': Will It be a Box-Office Hit?; gang fangulation with the boys of Twilight.

2009 is the Year for Dracula: The Un-Dead. " reports that Bram Stoker's great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker and award-winning 'Dracula' documentarian and historian Ian Holt have sold North American-English publishing rights of the Stoker-family-authorized sequel to Bram's classic novel "Dracula" to an alliance of Dutton U.S. (Brian Tart), Harper U.K. (Jane Johnson) and Penguin-Canada (Laura Shin)." I am not sure how to feel about this.

Johnny Depp Being Offered $55 MIL To Reprise Jack Sparrow Role. DAMN.

New 'Sleeping Beauty' Special Edition is Simply Aurorable. But--but--I just got a special edition restoration whatever a couple of years ago! Is this different? HAVE I BEEN BETRAYED? "But of course this new set has enough to make it worthy of a fresh investment." *SHAKES FIST AT HEAVENS*

Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor to Tango With Superman again?

Fox Considering Relaunching 'Daredevil' with Aim of Being Watchable.

Is James Cameron's New Space Epic Rife For A Franchise? [Avatar] I thought the expression was "ripe for something"?

Lucas in 'Think Mode' for 'Indiana Jones 5.' SOMEONE HAS TO STOP HIM.

No Excuse To Miss Clone Wars [Star Wars: Clone Wars]. Well, except for the not caring about Star Wars. That seems like a pretty good excuse. Also: 25 best/worst 'Star Wars' moments; Fan Made: Star Wars Does Steampunk and Reservoir Dogs.

Bill Murray: I Am Evil Venkman? [Ghosbusters 3].

Michael Cera talks 'Nick & Norah'; Review: 'Nick & Norah' is revolutionary; 25 best movie soundtracks since '83.

Check Out the First 5 Minutes of 'Blindness'; Blindness' Dystopian Fable Becomes An Overwrought Movie; Mark Ruffalo Considered The Consequences Of ‘Blindness’; Stars Dealt With 'Blindness' Fear; Adapting Saramago's "Blindness" Was A Journey From Horror To Poetry, Meirelles Tells io9.

Review: Hathaway dazzles in 'Rachel.'

Review: 'How to Lose Friends & Alienate People.'

Garcia Teams With Del Toro, Cuaron For Female-Friendly ‘Mother And Child.’

New Pics, Clips and Negative Buzz for Eastwood's 'Changeling'; Clint Eastwood's 'Changeling' Struggling for Early Buzz.

Still Half Naked, Megan Fox Becomes a Mermaid?

Ormond, Strathairn and O'Hara Board Temple Grandin Project; Strathairn, Ormond, and O'Hara Face Autism.

Schreiber and Hunt Join 'Every Day'; Liev Schreiber and Helen Hunt Pronounced Unhappy Man and Wife.

Ready For Another JFK Conspiracy Movie? Here Comes ‘Dorothy Kilgallen.’

EXCLUSIVE: William Shatner Voices Santa In Most Messed Up X-Mas Special Ever.

Michael Moore Tries to Shut Down the 'Slacker Uprising.'

Cast Revealed for Romero's New Zombie Film; Yep, Romero's Heading Back to Zombietown.

Frey's 'A Million Little Pieces' Finally Gets the Movie Treatment. ...Kind of.

Bollywood Snake Lady Captured From The Wild, Wants To Be Your Girlfriend.

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