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Am I just never productive on a Monday?

Deeply weird: I was thinking about The Fountain, and when I got back to my desk half an hour later, "Death Is the Road to Awe," my favorite piece from the soundtrack, was cued up on my music player. I'm not saying it came up in a shuffle; I'm saying it was the only song on the playlist. When I'd left my desk, the only song on it had been the new Paramore. (Shut up.)

By the way, I did include that Edward-Bill meetup that people wanted in the latest True Blood recap. Mostly because I had been planning it from the moment I saw that episode. Seriously, that chair in the shadowy corner, y'all.

Today's Journal Birthmonth Flashback: kind of a Samson Agonistes recap (what? I was taking a Milton class). "Baby, why am I tied up?"


Toddler falls from carnival ride, caught by fairgoers.

Great pumpkin is 1,900 pounds (and growing). And will make a pie out of you.

The Five-Blade Razor: America's Folly, which notes that both SNL and The Onion had already mocked the idea of razors with fewer blades than that years ago.

Area Man Punches Shark To Save Terrier. Not, in fact, an Onion article.

The Melancholy Deaths of Edward Gorey’s [Fictional] Children. Y'all, Gorey was even more messed up than I had previously realized.

"Housewife Finds Time To Write Short Stories": An Evening With Alice Munro.

Pynchon May Be Going Both Noir And Sparkly.

Coldplay's 'Prospekts March' tracklist & info.

Cheerleaders banned for using Katy Perry song. "It was fun. There was no backdoor meaning. We just wanted to twirl."

NOBODY NOOOOOEZ DA TRUBBLE I SEEEEEN; Monorail kitteh now stops @ library.

Anything Called "Blasphemous Horrors" Belongs on My Wall for Sure.

Try some more creepy-ass McDonald's ads.

Why Was This Freaky Scene Cut From Tonight's 'Sarah Connor'?

The BBC Wanted A Baby Doctor Who, Says RTD; The Worst Doctor Who Rip-Off In Any Space-Time Continuum [Found Footage].

'Chihuahua' is top dog at box office; The Hater: What 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' Means For America.

Oscar Update: Universal Previews Oscar Contenders; Oscar Update: 'Defiance' and 'Duchess' Scripts Online.

'Recall the Gold': Re-voting past Oscar races, starting with the Best Picture of 1998.

Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks Officially Split From Paramount.

Lauren Bacall Livens Up Nicole Kidman Profile With Cuss-Laden Slams at Tom Cruise [Old People Swearing]. And that's why I like to tell people I was named after her, even though I wasn't.

Images: First Look at Kate Winslet in 'The Reader'; Jake Gyllenhaal on set of 'Prince of Persia' in London 03.10.08; W.; Sex Drive; Exclusive: 'Special' Poster Premiere; 'Little Ashes' Movie Poster from Regent; Computer Ghosts Still Won't Die In 'Pulse 3.'

Trailers and clips: 3 'Quarantine' Clips Lock You In With The Infected; Oscar nominated Hitler film lampooned extensively by YouTubers; 'The Burrowers' Monsters Will Spit Acid On You While You're Down; Norwegian Nazi Zombies? You've Got To See This Trailer!

trailer_spot: Uninvited, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Broken, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Blindness.

30 New 'Quantum of Solace' Photos Hit The Web; MAJOR SPOILERS: 'Quantum' Tribute To A Past James Bond Film (SHIT I DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW THAT. Thank you, blogs who revealed the spoiler in your headlines); Bond Girls Back For 'Quantum' Main Title Sequence; Daniel Craig To Promote 'Quantum of Solace' On The Tonight Show.

Second Watchmen trailer to run in front of 'Quantum of Solace'; Exclusive: 'Watchmen' Video Journal; 'Watchmen' Video Journal: Dr. Manhattan is Composed of Numerous Lights (the picture, where Billy Crudup is in his mocap suit with Malin Akerman in her normal superhero costume? I love behind-the-scenes stuff like that).

'The Dark Knight' DVD and More 'Batman 3' Rumors.

‘Twilight’ soundtrack listing released; Twilight Soundtrack: Hayley Williams on the series/new single 'Decode'; Twilight Conventions Abound; from splits_thesky: Robert Pattinson: A Critical Examination of His Hair, 2005 - 2008.

Guillermo del Toro on 'The Hobbit' and 'Frankenstein.'

Ridley Scott Confirms He's Making Brave New World [Exclusive].

'Blade Runner' Started, And Ended, As A Comic Book.

The First Avenger: Captain America Synopsis Revealed.

Jeff Bridges Finally Talks About Working on Tr2n!

Winslet To Star In Vivienne Westwood Biopic.

Exclusive: RocknRollin' with Guy Ritchie.

Q&A: An 'Ember' Fish Story; Ronan Sees Hope In Dark 'Bones.'

Woody Harleson To Become 2009's Hancock ['Defendor']; Kat Dennings Joins a Fake Superhero Thing.

Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano Gets Violent, Considers Nudity. "Wolvesbayne"?

Oops… DVD Accidentally Shipped With Kristen Bell’s Privates Unblurred.

James Caan and Gabriel Macht Create Some Internet Porn; Caan, Macht, Stormare and Taylor Join 'Middle Men.'

Brandon Routh Joins An ‘Unthinkable’ Cast; Four More Face the 'Unthinkable.'

Did '28 Months Later' Already Find its Director?

Jesse Eisenberg Jumps From Adventureland to Zombieland.

More Updates on George Romero's 'Island of the Dead.'

Has Marvel Discovered The Everybody-Wins Solution For Zombies?

Dead man on campus: 'Zombie tag' is off and running.


Everybody's Working For The Weekend, Including The Space Monsters [Found Footage].

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