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Am I just never productive on a Monday?

Deeply weird: I was thinking about The Fountain, and when I got back to my desk half an hour later, "Death Is the Road to Awe," my favorite piece from the soundtrack, was cued up on my music player. I'm not saying it came up in a shuffle; I'm saying it was the only song on the playlist. When I'd left my desk, the only song on it had been the new Paramore. (Shut up.)

By the way, I did include that Edward-Bill meetup that people wanted in the latest True Blood recap. Mostly because I had been planning it from the moment I saw that episode. Seriously, that chair in the shadowy corner, y'all.

Today's Journal Birthmonth Flashback: kind of a Samson Agonistes recap (what? I was taking a Milton class). "Baby, why am I tied up?"

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