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It's Twilight Tuesday!

And I feel like posting things now! Final Twilight poster and new photo gallery. Well, technically the "photo gallery" is some motion-sickness carousel bullshit that I got tired of really fast, so I've pulled the source files and put them in a gallery here. And hey, guess what? The originals are slightly bigger. And also? Sometimes, the official site wasn't even giving you the full image.

(Aw, hell, I'll have to go pull all the behind-the-scenes pics later.) (ETA: All of them have been added.)

With ‘Twilight’ A Month Away, Every Day Is Like Tuesday! Oh God.

'Twilight' Tuesday: Stars Answer More Of Fans' Burning Questions ... Like What It's Like To Kiss Robert Pattinson:

Pattinson: Whenever we kiss, I just try to kill her all the time.

Stewart: And I love that. She's a total sadomasochist, if you think about it.

Pattinson: And I'm just gay.

Stewart: Or impotent.

ETA: "Robert, will you suck my blood out?" "Yes. Right now? Do they give their addresses and stuff?"

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