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I crave sustenance

Hmm... today's Journal Birthmonth Flashback? Let's go with Tiny Moist Hand.

Tried to record a Halloween story reading; made one tiny stumble--but at a key line, unfortunately--so I can't put that take out. But I haven't been able to get the right voice back on any subsequent takes. I tried to warm up by desk-dancing singing, but somehow, that just didn't do it. I'll just have to keep trying, I guess.

Didn't have the most productive day ever, but soldiered away at the Prestige footnotes until finally I just said, "This is as done as it's gonna get right now, even though there are a couple that aren't ready, but screw it, I need to move on to something else." The POTO footnotes are going to be a lot of work to finish, I think (I've been skipping around the whole time), but at least it'll be something different.

(Trying BPAL's Dorian--which has been in my little storage chest for far too long--as a room scent. Not really sure it's working for me in that capacity. Need a bottle of High John the Conqueror, actually--my sample vial of that got me through the last three months of writing the 15M book, to be honest.)

More True Blood recap icons!

More linkspam! Transgenic Jellyfish will be the name of my next bandCollapse )

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