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Y'all this is so lame but humor me

Okay, you guys, this is super lame but apparently the final Twilight trailer is coming out tonight, and there was a SNEAK PEEK last night that convulsed me with laughter (THE TREE CLIMBING OMG) so I am totally on board with this, and apparently they're going to show it on Entertainment Tonight in full this evening, and then it's going live on THE WIDGET, and an hour later you'll be able to get it in HD on MySpace, and I am sorry, I am not going to goddamn MYSPACE, so here we are with THE WIDGET. Oh my God, this is so lame. Anyway, come back whenever (please refer to countdown on THE WIDGET) to see TEH EXCLOOSIV TRAILAR, which you can only get here on my journal (or anywhere else someone posted THE WIDGET).

Also: Y'ALL SOMEBODY SASSED MY MOM AT THE MCDONALD'S EVERYONE IS GONNA DIE. I think you know what this means: it's time to revisit the entry that explains why we can't ever go back to Sonic.

ETA: From annlarimer: How To Be The Perfect Pre-Teen Vampire Pin-Up. "Gaze: menacing, yet seductive. Look, we all know why you're here: to scare girls into puberty."

ETA 2: New ‘Twilight’ Trailer Tonight! Film Your Reactions And You May Wind Up On MTV! MTV: Encouraging psycho fan wank since May 2008.

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