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Well, at least I was productive

Lots of work done today! No whammies! no whammies! crashes! And yet, there is still more to do. And once again, I hunger. I hope there's some of that ravioli downstairs.

Let's get the pre-trailer bedazzlement Twi-spam out of the way so you can skip it if you want.


Widget, you suck.


Baby Renesmee Bella Stephenie has been adopted, as originally planned, and renamed Lily Anne. Thus ends that pitiful story. Meanwhile: Go Fug Yourself makes my day with Fug the Poster: Twilight; the EW photoshoot finds new ways to fail; two new pics (I'm really not sure what this is supposed to be--Bella Italia? Doesn't look tense enough; I HATE ALL YOU GUYS); RPattz live at the Whiskey, hilarity ensues.

Also, don't forget: you have the final trailer on Entertainment Tonight at--what, 6:30 pm CST? I don't even know. Oh, and then you have it on THE WIDGET. By the way, my advice is to hit up trailer_spot in a few hours for a direct HD download of the new trailer if you don't want to venture out on MySpace. God knows I don't.

A few non-partisan stories about (American) voting: Massive voter roll purges being done in secret?; 5 Friends, a celeb-packed campaign to get people to register and vote; Vote for Change, where you can check your voter registration regardless of affiliation; Your Grievance For the Next Four Years: "Voter Fraud"; There's Nothing Some Fear More Than Citizens Exercising Their Constitutional Rights.

I'll tell you the truth, I'm to the point where I want to vomit if I so much as see the word election on a TV screen--I can't even find a channel that will report news on anything other than the election at this point, and it's been going on for more than a year now, and all they do is talk about the same superficial talking-head soundbite non-issues over and over again. And I make a point to rarely, if ever, mention politics here, because the parts of this journal that aren't personal are pop culture/entertainment blogging, and I like it that way. I like not having to moderate arguments and I like having a happy little quiet place where I don't have to hear about politics--not because I don't want to hear about politics ever, or because I don't want you to hear about them, but because I assume we're all getting our daily political FDA requirement elsewhere, at (the few?) blogs and websites and newspapers that actually know what they're talking about.

Anyway, my point is that I do care. I just don't want to care about it here, other than the occasional link or story that's about politics as it relates to entertainment, or politics as it relates to everyone regardless of party. Like voting. Because I do believe it's important, and you better believe that if someone tries to stop me from voting I will raise holy goddamn hell about it. And you should too.

More linkspam!

Beware of Russian bots on LJ.

Web Surfers Face Dangerous New Threat: 'Clickjacking.' And there's nothing yet we can do about it, you say? Outstanding.

From foresthouse: Another great (and heart-wrenching) article on Alzheimer's by Terry Pratchett.

Le Clézio, French Writer, Wins Nobel; Non-American Wins Nobel Prize for Literature, As Promised.

LA Times Wonders if Lit Fic Can Be Helped by Sexier Covers.

The Killers reveal album artwork for 'Day and Age.'

It's time you discovered Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos.

YouTube satire is ‘literally’ hilarious. "The tale of Web 2.0 celebrity currently belongs to Dustin McLean of California, who just for kicks and giggles, posted a lyrically literalized version of a-ha’s beloved 1985 video, 'Take On Me.' "

NY Times on "beautification software"; James Franco Is Perfect, Declares Lovelorn Robot.

Spider-Man's Road To Broadway Is Paved In Gold and will probably never be able to turn a profit.

'Life on Mars' gets off to stellar but not alien start.

Yahoo stuck the first full episode of 'Kath & Kim' on their site; NBC's imported 'Kath & Kim' is just dumb & dull.

Film Ads to Run During Oscars for the First Time; The Oscars Want Some Exclusive Movie Trailers; Will Movie Ads Save The Oscars? Also: 8 Doc Shorts Shortlisted for 2008 Oscars; Oscar Battle Creating "Demolition Derby," Columnist Claims; 'Recall the Gold': 1983 Best Supporting Actress Oscar race.

Images: New banners and posters for 'The Wolfman' (EXCITING! OKAY, MAYBE THAT'S JUST ME!); Get a Load of the Victims from 'The Road'; Great Poster for Kathryn Bigelow's 'The Hurt Locker'; Here's Another 'Max Payne' Poster; New 'Max Payne' Photos; 'Bedtime Stories' Poster is Rich with Sandler; Exclusive: 'A Christmas Tale' Poster Premiere; Jeff Kleinsmith's Beautiful New Poster for 'The Shining'!

Trailers and clips: 50 Cent Posts Trailer For ‘Before I Self-Destruct’; 'The Unborn' Trailer Will Make You Scared to Exit the Womb Alone (AHHHHH THE PICTURE OF THAT KID. Gary Oldman may not be enough to get me to see this, y'all. Also: Discover Matt Damon’s Hidden Cameo!).

trailer_spot: Happy-Go-Lucky, The Dark Knight, Shall We Kiss?

Pre-Order The Dark Knight on DVD and Blu-ray Disc!

Fiennes on Voldemort: "A Rejected Person."

'Quantum of Solace' DVD Slated For March 2009; Craig Praises 'Gorgeous' Dench; Daniel Craig Needs Someone To Kiss His Boo Boo. Aaaand 86% of my readership volunteers.

'Watchmen' Video Journal #7; Cultural References You Need to Know Before Experiencing 'Watchmen'; Gibbons Talks Watchmen's Moore; DVD review: 'The Mindscape Of Alan Moore'; Will America Watch 'Watchmen'? Well, if you keep it in March and it's the only thing on and the trailers continue to look awesome, I'm not sure they'll be able not to.

Taylor Kitsch talks about being Gambit.

Fan Made: Steampunk 'Return of the Jedi' Figures.

Neil Gaiman Weighs Possible ‘1602,’ ‘Dr. Strange’ Movies; A Visit to the Set of 'Coraline.'

Warner Brothers Wants Ryan Gosling for Green Lantern?

Gerard Butler Punches Pap, Earns Anna Wintour's Love; Film review: 'RocknRolla' ("Guy Ritchie’s best film. Not that that’s saying much").

Jamie Foxx is Gerard Butler's 'Law Abiding Citizen.'

Meet City Of Ember's Secret Guest Star! (SPOILER); Talking to 'City of Ember' Mayor Bill Murray; Bill Murray Says Ember Is Your 21st Century Survival Guide.

Bill Murray Calls For Female Ghostbuster In Third Film.

Rumor: Neveldine and Taylor's Jonah Hex is Josh Brolin?

Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino to star in a movie together again? And... that movie is the life story of Tommy LaSorda?

Haley Joel Osment Is All Grown Up and Ready to Join the Hitler Youth! [Pay It Führer]

Worst Teenage Nuclear Panic Movie Of All Time [Found Footage].

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