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Later than usual

First: MOAR TWILIGHT. Yes, I did promise to do a 15M of the movie. I promised last May when I saw the first trailer, so y'all can relax. Twilight' Trailer Reactions: Some Fans Are Still Speechless, Others Just Can't Breathe; The Final ‘Twilight’ Trailer Is Here, And We Have Your Shot-By-Shot Analysis! (Please. I have already taken care of your tree-skittering, Jerome Robbins-choreographed, aerial slapfighting needs); the trailer music was from 'Interview with the Vampire'? (cute); Wendy Chuck explains the costumes of Twilight (Kiss Victoria, she's Irish. Also: NEEDS MOAR BEIGE); a couple of new pics; more new pics here, although it's hard to pick out the new-new ones; Full Photo Gallery of Twilight Male Cast in VMan Magazine (yes, including The Bad Ponytail Vampire that y'all all started going crazy for).

Also, from spike22fowl: The famous greenhouse scene! You know! The one that... wasn't... in the book. It seems to be taking the place of Bella bitching her way through the hospital in a neck brace after the Death Van, though, so that's all right by me. It also gives us the deathless line, "I had an adrenaline rush. They're very common. You can Google it." (No, really. Watch it with subtitles.) Kristen Stewart also has an excellent Bella-style "GOD I HATE EVERYONE *falls over* " bitchface going, I must say.

(Please notice The Hair staying carefully out of frame, watching for suspicious fangirl activity off-camera.)

(Re: my choice of music: get Edward in full NOOOO I WILL NOT CRUSH YOU IN THE MISSIONARY POSITION mode in your head and go throw this song on your mp3 player. It will BLOW YOUR MIND.)

Today's Journal Birthmonth Flashback: Well, since we invoked Our Lady of Soundtrack Sorrow this morning, let's revisit Troy in Fifteen Minutes.

Regular linkspam!

Longtime 'All My Children' actress dies.

Spokesman for pirates makes threats off Somalia coast; Somali pirates threaten to blow up ship.

Finland's ex-president Ahtisaari wins Nobel Peace Prize.

From annlarimer: Shark Jesus!

Gaiman's Graveyard Book video tour finishes, book hits #1 on NYTimes YA bestseller list; Gaiman's 'Graveyard Book' -- spooky, magical retelling of 'The Jungle Book' in a graveyard.

Pullman wins battle to stop development at historic Oxford boatyard.

Scifi Books that Have Been Banned in the Twenty-First Century.

Where Is the Most Literary Bar?

Guns N' Roses' 'Chinese Democracy' is coming out next month (Axl really means it this time!).

Rap fan pays fine rather than listen to Beethoven.

Mark Wahlberg Not A Fan Of Andy Samberg’s ‘Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals’ SNL Sketch.

Eleven Ways 'Eleventh Hour' Smears the Reputation of Real Science.

‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Brings In Some Garbage.

When Star Trek Drives You To Drink, Everyone Wins [Trektinis].

V Is Back! All Hail The Visitors!

Bebo Sends Friend Request to Alien Planet [Space Spam].

'True Blood': The Vampires Give Back, or, HBO sent "Sam" and "Tara" out to gladhand a Florida cable company.

CosmoGirl folds; Fug the [final] Cover: Scarlett Johansson.

Zac Efron (And His Peen) In Equus? I literally started wailing "AHHHHH! WAHHHHH!" out loud when I read this.

Oscars: Rourke + Langella Are Early Oscars Favourites; 'The Wrestler : The NYFF Press Conference; Scott Rudin Yanks His Name From 'The Reader.'

Images: Beautiful New German 'Day the Earth Stood Still Poster'; 'The Ugly Truth' Gets a Clever One-Sheet; Paul Bettany As Charles Darwin: A Horror of Evolution; Ben Barnes in 'Bigga Than Ben' (aw, it's such a cute widdle gangsta, yes it is!).

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Phenomenal Trailer for Edward Zwick's 'Defiance' (New Poster and Trailer for Daniel Craig's 'Defiance'); New International 'Revolutionary Road' trailer; Must Watch: Awesome New 'Transporter 3' Full Trailer!; 'Cloverfield' Hottie Gets Skerred in 'Unborn' Pics and Trailer, in case you weren't traumatized enough the other day; Jolene (great, now I'll have that song in my head all night).

trailer_spot: Transporter 3, Twilight, Sunshine Cleaning, Birds of America, Christmas On Mars.

First Look: Robert Downey Jr. in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes; Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes — FIRST PICTURES; Robert Downey Jr. As Sherlock Holmes: It's A Venti Latte, Dear Watson. I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS YET. Although--you know, they could be doing one of those scenes where Holmes goes undercover as a beggar or a cabdriver or something.

New 'Quantum' Video Showcases Montenegro Train Level; James Bond's Golden Gun Stolen From Elstree Studios.

Ember Proves The Only Grown-Up Movies Are Aimed At Kids [City Of Ember Review]; 'City of Ember' burns brightest when young stars lead; Film review: 'City Of Ember' ("Notes from the underground"); Review: Keep driving past ‘City of Ember’; Will There Be A 'City Of Ember' 2?

(Bill Murray failed to become Batman and kick ass. Wha?)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Body Of Lies’ Co-Star Dishes On How To Win Him Over; Leonardo DiCaprio: Half a boy and half a man; Review: 'Body of Lies' flat; The truth about 'Lies': It's intriguing but unfocused; Kevin's Review: 'Body of Lies' - Probably the Best Thriller of Its Kind; Leonardo DiCaprio's Sinking Ship 'Body of Lies' Readies the Lifeboats.

‘Iron Man’ Writers Want Hulk To Be The Villain In ‘The Avengers.’

Glen Keane leaving Disney's 'Rapunzel.' Who's stepping up?

‘Die Hard’ Screenwriter Compares His 1987 ‘The Spirit’ TV Pilot To Frank Miller Film.

Producer Thinks ‘Salt’ Substitute Angelina Jolie Will Make For Spicy Dish.

Eric Bana Is ‘Armored’ For Heist Drama.

Juan Antonio Bayona Joins Guillermo Del Toro On Universal’s ‘Hater.’

‘Lost’ Actress Rebecca Mader Joins ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats.’ Oh, hey, it's Charlotte!

'Fame' Cast Comes Together.

Kevin Smith Explains Why He Really Wants to Make 'Red State.'

Seth Rogen Picks Up Will Reiser's 'I'm With Cancer' Project.

Slapdash 'W.' Web Site Reaches Out to the Dead-Language Crowd.

14 horror-movie Musts!; Zombie-movie preparedness kit!

Don't Inject Ladies with Gorilla Blood [Found Footage].

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