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I would really like to curl up with a book, actually

So... the catfight that broke out on The Shelf last night was bad. Really, really bad. Ellowyne and "her sizeist assumptions" made the mistake of sassing Eowyn over the hypothetical--HYPOTHETICAL!--rights to Edward Dollen, they threw down, and then Eowyn pantsed her. See, this is why you don't ever pick a fight with someone who only comes up to your elbow. So Ellowyne and her gold lace capri pants take a dive and Eowyn immediately goes for the curls, which look way different from the ones in the picture--they're these tight, stiff sausage curls, a whole huge ponytail of them in the back, and Ellowyne is very proud of them. So Eowyn gets one good fistful and Ellowyne is immediately screaming bloody murder, not because it hurts but because she knows what every little girl finds out too late--once you fuck up doll hair, you never get it back the way it was. Yeah. So apparently Ellowyne talks a big talk, but her walk stops dead at weave-pulling.

I seriously don't know how I'm going to keep the peace over there now.

Meanwhile: Trying to get back to recapping True Blood, but for some reason I am just exhausted today. Well, maybe "some reason" is "I was up until three footnoting last night," I don't know. I didn't post any recaps this week just because I wanted to give my recap mojo a rest, and... now I'm just going to be even more behind. Ah, well. C'est la vie.

Today's Journal Birthmonth Flashback: "In times of old you stood beside us during the Day After Thanksgiving Sale," said TRISH soberly. "We will not let the Summit Carmike fall."

Also, in case you didn't read the last entry, I posted another minute-long snippet from the Poufwa podcast ("I think he did a lot of reading"). Yes, that is my crazy tropical bird laugh there at the beginning. (Man, I need to pull a couple of clips from the Made of Fail podcast just to keep things fair.)

Just a few links, since I've got them sitting around:

metaquotes: "Captain Credit! He's our hero! Gonna take stagnation down to zero!" Keep reading for the punchline, which is gold.

Wonderella has a book!

Headless Horseman costume for dogs: it just ain't right.

Sleeping Beauty May Be Safe, But Ariel Has Some Explaining To Do.

This is what the ring and the locket from Half-Blood Prince look like? Really?

Tweethearts: blogger proposes to nerd girlfriend over Twitter, she tweets back acceptance. My first reaction was, FUTURE HUSBAND I HAVEN'T MET, DON'T YOU DARE. And then I thought... Really, do you foresee this being a problem any time soon?


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