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Number of times I walked Pete, who I was dogsitting: 6.

Number of things I got done today: ZERO.

It's amazing how not getting anything done can leave you so tired. Either that, or it's the fact that I was up all night with an upset stomach. (Oh, that.)

Hmm. Today's flashback omg help I am running out of entries: Let's go with the post I wrote on Melville's Pierre, a book so bad that critics at the time actually told him to stop writing. ("And then I find out that that's not even the incest the professor was talking about.")

All right: easily skippable Twi-spam. Most of it I wrote last night, which is why there's a difference in enthusiasm between this section and the one below. Again: being up all night sick will do that to you.

TOUR OF TERROR '08! It's like, "You know, Comic-Con was not traumatic enough. Let's take this shit on the road!" God, I hope they get hazard pay for this. Also: Everyone calm down, there WILL be sparkling; Aww! Dying Edward flashback pic!; RPattz!Edward was nearly given long hair, which I think we all know would have ended in tears and a mullet; Hi-res versions of all the new pics from OutNow, including a new-new one of the cafeteria where the other Cullens have different clothes and food, but Edward is EVEN MORE EMO; ‘Twilight’ run time is longer than expected; trading cards! Oh, shit, y'all, I have complete sets of trading cards like those from each of the LOTR movies,* because I am a sucker for cards--trading cards, tarot cards, illustrated playing cards, whatever. I bought complete sets of the LOTR cards off eBay for like $10 each, one set each year, and the sellers even put them in nifty little plastic boxes for me. I never had any of the ones with fabric samples from the costumes, though--
Twelve cards featuring pieces of the costumes worn on screen during the movie.

* T-shirt worn by Robert Pattinson as Edward
OH, CREEPY. At least if I'd gotten a card with Galadriel fabric on it, even if it had been worn in the movie, it would have been, like, one of 50,000 yards of cloth in those gowns. Not like... that. Also: the Edward T-shirt cards will go for three digits on eBay, I promise you. Maybe four, who knows ("It touched him! IT TOUCHED HIIIIIIM"). You think I'm exaggerating, but I also predicted the Twihard outcry the moment the Russell Brand thing happened. I didn't spend seven years in the Harry Potter fandom without learning a little something about crazy, you guys.

* Look at it this way--if I had been journaling here during the height of the LOTR movies, that is all you ever would have heard about. Twilight is not really an isolated phenomenon in that sense.

I think there's still more linkspam flagged in the Reader, what with the weekend backlog. I just ran out of giddyup.

Guillaume Depardieu, Son of Gérard, Dead at 37.

Amazing Holocaust love story lives on.

Bollywood star Bachchan hospitalized.

Korea's Internet Suicide Pandemic [Sad Things].

Krugman Wins Economics Nobel.

Was 'Lightness of Being' author an informant?

TSA screener ripped off hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of electronics from passengers, TSA itself didn't notice.

"Take On Me," the literal version ("Piiiiiipe wreeeeeench fiiiiiight!").

XKCD strip explains how DRM creates piracy.

Elvis Costello to Damage His Legacy With Fall Out Boy?

Robert Smith Has The Cure For Your Sunday Blues. Oh... wow. That is not a man who has aged well.

Monkeys Form Dangerous But Adorable Alliance With Tigers [Awww!].


Awesome High-Speed Photography.

'Nash Bridges' Show Was Hunter S. Thompson's Idea.

David Tennant to stay in Who til 2011?

Would You Let These People Into Your League of Evil? [Doctor Horrible]

Tim Robbins gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Starlets Look Boldly Awful At Hollywood Life Style Awards.

Cosmo Elects Johnny Depp Sexiest Man in the World; Vanessa Paradis Opens Up About Her Romance with Johnny Depp. "What's also natural: Women's desire to mob Depp, 45. In fact, Paradis feels it herself. 'I understand. I want to mob him all the time, I do,' she says. 'He's a very charming person.' " AWWWWW.

'Chihuahua' sits, stays at No. 1. O snap, Body of Lies.

Images: Paul Bettany as Darwin on the set of 'Creation'; 'Australia' Poster: It's 'Gone with the Wind' Meets 'The Other Sister'; Two New French Posters for Soderbergh's 'Che' Double Feature; Ben Kingsley on the 'Prince of Persia' Set; First Look: Jean Claude Van Damme in 'Full Love'; Japanese 'Street Fighter' Poster, Site.

Trailers and clips: Trailer for 'The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond'; 'Transporter 3' Trailer Features Bunnies and Teddy Bears?; A New Clip From 'Punisher: War Zone'; Oliver Stone Talks 'W.' with Bill Maher; Must Watch: Officially Badass 'JCVD' Trailer.

20 Minutes Of 'Quantum of Solace' Previewed; Roger Moore Prefers Bond Villains To 007, Daniel Craig says Bond girls stand up for themselves; New Bond girl comes from humble beginnings; Marc Forster: Creating His Own James Bond; James Bond Puts The Pressure On Marc Forster ("If I make a film that isn't as good as 'Casino Royale', it's going to be a failure." YEAH, PRETTY MUCH, SO YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET ON THAT); Upcoming 'Quantum of Solace' TV Specials.

Kristen Bell Reacts To Harley Quinn ‘Batman 3′ Fan Art; Fan Made: 'Dark Knight' Meets 'Toy Story.'

Sherlock Holmes set pictures now with Jude Law/Watson; Here's Dr. Watson on the Sherlock Holmes Set, Too; See RDJ and Jude Law as Fictional Sleuths; more RDJ. I... I am slowly warming up to this. Also, Jude Law's mustache is perfectly Watson, I will give them that.

J.J. To Show Us All What His Trek Is Made Of In November.

David Fincher's 'Rendezvous with Rama' Officially Dead.

Mark Wahlberg Concerned Aronofsky's 'The Fighter' Might Not Happen; Wahlberg On 'The Lovely Bones' And Peter Jackson.

‘So It Goes:’ Guillermo Del Toro Discusses His New Take On Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Slaughterhouse-Five.’

Ridley Scott's Return to Sci-Fi is Actually 'The Forever War.' So... not 'Brave New World'?

Frank Darabont No Longer A ‘Law Abiding Citizen’?

Carla Gugino Set for 'Every Day.'

Sarah Connor's Son Dekker To Play Aspiring Singer In 'Fame' Remake?

Plot Details Revealed for Cameron Crowe's Wacky Romantic Comedy.

Is This The Performance That Will Win Mickey Rourke An Oscar? ['The Wrestler']

How Older, White Critics Have Missed the Boat on 'Rachel Getting Married.'

Dakota Fanning A Diva From Hell, Claims Her Latest Director.

The Horde Makes Mobster Zombie Pie And Feast III Details [Cult Scifi Worship]; Wall Street Zombies To Invade Manhattan?; Zombies attend the 'Quarantine' premiere.

Mel Gibson Ditches 'Lethal Weapon 5,' Leaves it Dead in the Water. Oh, thank God.

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