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Just a teensy bit of linkspam, because I'm going to try to get that fourth True Blood recap done:

Days of Our Lives & Passions headwriter, James E. Reilly has passed away at the age of 60; The Creator of The Best TV Show Ever, 'Passions,' Has Died. Please refer to our discussion here if you're unacquainted with the wonderful madness that is (was) Passions. ("In 2002, Julian and Timmy [the Talking Ventriloquist Doll] set out on a journey in the magical land of Oz as Theresa was 'executed' for Julian's 'murder' "; "Passions also broke new ground in 2007 with its portrayal of Vincent as a hermaphrodite who becomes pregnant with his own father's son." This is not even to speak of the Salem Stalker/Crazy Love Cage Jan storyline on Days that I recapped for a few months there.)

Neal Hefti, Composer, Is Dead at 85; 'Batman' TV theme composer dies.

Gale Harold of 'Desperate Housewives' injured in motorcycle accident; 'Desperate Housewives' Star Seriously Injured.

Madonna + Ritchie Confirm Divorce; Madonna And Ritchie Face 'Biggest Ever Showbiz Divorce.'

The EW Star Trek cover, on which you finally get to see Zachary Quinto in full Spock makeup. Oh, and also the dude playing Kirk.

ETA: Pete is home from the vet--pitiful but okay.

ETA 2, from bella_stella78: We have sparkling! Or we will, by the time the effects are put in! Y'all, I am gonna get thrown out of this theater.

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