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Hmm. Nothing much to report today, just a few odds and ends:

  • Stalked Kazaa until I found that Pretenders song I wanted (yay!)

  • Wrote a fairly epic "how to get started writing" post at writer_girls

  • Got my Hotmail back, and promptly ignored it in favor of switching all my newsletters to Yahoo

  • Got freaked out by this site (go to the Autumn section for maximum effect)
  • Decided to keep recapping Days, and really, if you put "Sami shrieking" on copy & paste, it's hardly any work at all

  • Took jasmine-scented bubblebath

  • Discussed the decline of myth in modern culture with Vladimir (/nerrrrrrrrrd)

  • Did little of actual consequence

  • Finished the last of a 3-liter of grape juice

Ahhhhh, the good life.
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