Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

So this is the kind of day I'm having

The bad news: Pete's worse, and he's gone back to the vet. Sister Girl left him with me all morning because she couldn't afford to take him, and then he threw up twice on my watch and just lay there curled up and pitiful the whole time, so my mother came home, took one look at him, and said she would pay for it this time. So he's back on an IV. And now I'm left washing towels and cleaning the hallway carpet.

I'm not even going to tell you about the hip dysplasia surgery that Shelby needs that we can't afford. At least it's not life-threatening.

(So no, the True Blood recap isn't finished.)

The good news: I couldn't talk about this before, but someone who works for my stepfather had filed a frivolous discrimination charge against him (I say "frivolous" because she was a problem employee from the start, and then when she got pregnant she finally had something she could claim he was "discriminating" against her for; her accusations included "he slammed a door this one time" and "he emails me once a week to tell me to make my subordinate do her work." O HAY THAT'S YOUR JOB), and they finally had the hearing yesterday after three months of him worrying and stressing about it (him with his heart condition). So--well, he signed a confidentiality agreement, but basically, he won, and she didn't get the five-figure settlement she was trying to shake down the county for. So basically I've spent the last three months worrying that he would somehow lose his job, because it's just been that kind of year, or keel over while waiting for the hearing.

At least that's over, then.

ETA: It was a sock. Pete ate a sock. He's about to have surgery to get the rest of it out.

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