Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

"The heat is SO oppressive, AHHH!"

Okay. Doing a little better. A little less rageful now. Today's journal flashback: I finally remembered some very short voice posts I did on a trip to New Orleans in 2004 (this was when I was still dividing my journaling energies between LJ and Blogspot; I was calling in on my cell phone. Unscripted, by the way), and I went back and listened to them to see if I had, in fact, done my Maggie the Cat impression on the one where I talk about Tennessee Williams for a bit. Turns out I didn't, but since I've spent the weekend cramming True Blood recaps, it seems like a Louisiana-themed repost might not be amiss. So here we are (and in case you can't tell, I really did have a lot of fun. I just sound a little flat due to, I think, the heat and the, uh, drinking. And the name of the fourth Black Ribbon book has changed since then. And the place we ended up going to for dinner was--Joe's Flying Burrito, I think? And it was SO AWESOME):

1. On the train (0:31)
2. First night; Bourbon Street (2:47)
3. Cafe du Monde and the French Market (2:25)
4. I understand the heat now (2:41)

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Tags: alcohol is in it, bars, black ribbon, new orleans, om nom nom, shopping, the lovely emily, travel, voice posts
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