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This is probably the most work I got done all day

I already got my chattiness out of the way earlier today, so let's just go with the Wide, Wide World recappish-type entry as today's flashback and jump straight to four or five days' backlog of linkspam, of which I have only selected the cream:

OMG -- you hit 'send' to wrong person. That's right: "OMG" just appeared in a CNN headline. Or at least it did on Google Reader.

Lunchtime Quiz: Sherlock Holmes. Bitch, please. Easiest quiz I ever took.

Should SF Writers Boycott Borders?

Nick Cave & the Musician-Novel Trend. See, what I want to see is more writers going musical, à la the Rock Bottom Remainders.

Could There Be A ‘Lost’ Movie? Creator J.J. Abrams Says ‘Maybe.’

Five million-dollar mistakes by movie stars; Jeremy Irons passed on role in Oscar winner 'Unforgiven,' most likely remained sexy while doing so.

Paramount Delays 'The Soloist' and 'Defiance' Until 2009; 2008 Oscar race turned 'upside-down'; Robert Downey Jr. for Best Supporting Actor in 'Tropic Thunder'!; Oscar Update: Frosty 'Frost/Nixon' Reviews and My Early Best Pic Predicts.

Images: New Dirty Look at Viggo and Kodi from 'The Road' (whoa, he's fifty today?); First Looks at 'Fame' Remake, Logo Comparison and Release Date; First Look: Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster in Sci-Fi Thriller 'Pandorum'; First Look: Brad in 'Inglourious Basterds'; First Look: Til Schweiger in Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' (is that really the spelling we're going with, officially? For real?); Revolutionary Road's Beautiful Black and White Photo Shoot.

Trailers and clips:'s Trailers & Clips Recap; Great New Red-Band Trailer for the (Still Awesome) 'Let the Right One In'; 'Franklyn' Trailer Has Parallel Universes, Masked Murderers, Ryan Phillipe, Etc. (and Eva Green!); Must Watch: First Trailer for Superpower Sci-Fi Thriller 'Push'; EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Haunting In Connecticut’ Trailer Premiere; Exclusive 'I Can't Think Straight' Trailer; 'Marley & Me' Trailer Reminds Us Dogs That Aren't Talking Chihuahuas Are A-Holes; Must Watch: 'Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father' Trailer; Watch 'The Chase' in 'Bolt'; Exclusive 'Gardens of the Night' Clip; 'Trick 'R' Treat' Trailer Here; The 'Bride Wars' Trailer: A Reason For Head to Hit Wall. Repeatedly.

trailer_spot: Push, Marley & Me, Largo Winch, Special, Great Buck Howard.

'Star Trek': 11 new photos; Full 'Star Trek' Gallery Launches; Even More Star Trek Photos, Big Reveals, and Information!

James Bond Curse Extends to Early 'Quantum of Solace' Reviews; First 'Quantum of Solace' Review Gives it 3/5 Stars; 'Quantum of Solace' TV Spot #4 Online; 'Quantum of Solace' TV Spot #5 Arrives; James Bonding with a Trio of 'Quantum of Solace' Clips; 'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #30; Ask Daniel Craig and director Marc Forster a Question for 'Bond' Unscripted!; Bond Goes Blu and Here's the Review; Craig Takes Risks Because Bond Is Expected To Be Tougher Than Ever; Bond Set Closed To Find Craig's Finger Pad; Craig: 'Picking Bond Girls Is Weird'; Craig Got Bond Call While Shopping For Groceries In Baltimore.

The Bleak Ending of 'Watchmen' Changed? (like, the last two minutes, don't panic); Spike To Preview 'Watchmen'; Snyder’s 'Watchmen' Secrets.

Lucas Thrills Scream Awards Crowd But Batman Is The Big Winner; 'The Dark Knight' Dominates the Scream Awards; Sneak Peek at Upcoming Joker Comic; Batman 3 Rumors Downplayed; Don Your Clone Wars Helmet And Ride A Cyborg Dino to Fight Harvey Dent's Gross Face [Mega Toys] (wow... that is a really good likeness of Aaron Eckhart); Ledger's Joker To Get Best Supporting Oscar Nod? I would like to point out that there is a Best Actor psychopath precedent here--Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor for Silence of the Lambs with far less screen time (something like 20-25 minutes?). That said, it's really about the field you're playing in a given year, and it's also true that a performance memorable or substantial enough to compete in the Best Actor race could therefore steamroll the Supporting Actor race. (Which is why it's even more surprising that Anthony Hopkins won in that category, given that the character's screen time really made him more of a supporting actor, but it was a performance that completely dominated the movie. Which is exactly what I would say about Heath Ledger's Joker--just immediately iconic, and that's aside from the tragedy involved. And that's why I'm going to be very interested to see how this all shakes out.) And given the Mickey Rourke/Sean Penn/Frank Langella Best Actor talk at this point, Supporting Actor would be the smartest place to campaign. Does all this sound completely cold and mercenary? Yup. But there's a point where the Oscars have little to nothing to do with the merits of the movies themselves and everything to do with the way the campaigns appeal to a small, specific group of voters. You and I aren't voting for them, after all, and we're not trying to decide which was the best movie or performance this year; we're trying to predict what the Academy will vote for.

Even Terrence Howard Was Shocked About Iron Man 2 Recast; Terrence Howard Doesn't Know Why Iron Man Dumped Him; Comic Tidbits: Nick Fury in Iron Man 2.

Sam Raimi Chats Spider-Man 4 and Lizard Possibility; Sam Raimi Talks ‘Spider-Man’ 4 & 5, Kirsten Dunst And Potential Villains; Sam Raimi Ditching Kirsten Dunst In Spider-Man 4 And 5?; Meet Spidey's New Leading Lady?

Tim Burton talks Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp, his career, etc etc; Depp Eats Hat On Set.

Zac Efron To Star In Pirates Of The Caribbean 4? Congratulations! You have figured out exactly what it would take to make sure I never, ever go see this movie. Like, it's either Zac Efron or Nicolas Cage. And I imagine that Zac Efron is less expensive, if all you're trying to do is drive me away.

Win a tea party with J.K. Rowling!; Very hi-res calendar promos; Scholastic Updates with New Interviews from Key Staff on "Bard," "Deathly Hallows," and More; Dan Radcliffe Talks Epilogue of "Deathly Hallows" Movie and more on Inside Actors Studio.

Kellan Lutz On The Book Rock Of ‘Twilight’ And ‘Harry Potter’; Twilight' Soundtrack Now Online?; 'Twilight' CD: We heard it!; Soundtrack Official Site; Are You Camping Out For Hot Topic’s ‘Twilight’ Soundtrack Listening Parties? (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) (Of course it's at Hot Topic. Of course it is); You too can wear replicas of Cullen family jewelry (Edward wears a wristband? For real? A heraldic wristband. That Emmett then stole. He is gonna be so mad, y'all).

Tibits about Deadpool in Wolverine movie + more spec about his very own feature!

Sleek New Poster Unveiled for Frank Miller's 'The Spirit'; New Featurette on 'The Spirit'; Why Frank Miller's 'Spirit' Can Only Fail.

Green Lantern's Epic Space-Hero Script Gets A B-Minus.

Peter Weir Finds ‘The Way Back’ To Soviet Gulag.

Ron Perlman Goes Supernatural With Nicolas Cage In ‘Season Of The Witch.’

Mortier Adapting Palahniuk's 'Haunted.'

Warner Brothers Has Killed Grayskull and He-Man!

World of Warcraft Movie Still on the Horizon?

'Dragonball' Reshoots Make Us Hope For A Better Ball. Y'all go on and hold your collective breath for that, I'll just be over here laughing at Emmy Rossum's career hair.

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