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Fairly productive today. We've also got Pete on the premises, and that dog and his lampshade are the saddest thing I've ever seen. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of going back over some of my old work, the really short pieces, and dusting them off again. I'm sure this will upset the three people in the world laboring under the delusion that I was a good poet, bless them, but the problem with most of my poetry is that I always try to cram a story in there between the lines, and it occurs to me now that I might just try expanding them into vignettes. My prose voice is probably one of my few real strengths, so it's worth a shot, I guess. It might be nice to try submitting to magazines again, I don't know. I'm thinking about posting a few of them here instead. So... we'll see.

Hm. So for today's flashback... let's go with that mini-entry about The Black Dahlia. Note: I only made up one thing in that entire paragraph, and that is "crushed by a falling anvil." Every single other thing actually happened in that movie.


British Cannibal To Cook In Prison: 'Irony Chef.'

Franz Ferdinand's new album cover, track listing, and release date.

‘Spamalot,’ ‘Hairspray’ to close in January.

First official 'Lost' season 5 promo; 'Lost' boy [spoiler?] is back!

‘Pushing Daisies’ has to struggle back to life.

John McTiernan Closer To Changing Guilty Plea.

Gary Busey Snorted Cocaine Off His Dog. That may be one of the greatest sentences I have ever seen.

Chihuahuas of Oz.

7 Costumes You Should NOT Wear for Halloween. Actually, you know why you really shouldn't go as the Joker? Because EVERYONE ELSE ALREADY IS.

Ricky Gervais too 'Scared' to Host Oscars. GOOD.

Brand Received Death Threat After MTV Awards. Honestly, I was only surprised to find out that he was threatened over his Bush jokes, not the Twilight Incident.

Judge Rules 'We Are Marshall' Not a Ripoff, at Least Not Legally Speaking.

Roger Ebert Regrets Reviewing Movie He Only Watched For 8 Minutes. Note the first: He said up front in his review that he'd only been able to stand eight minutes of it. Note the second: He went back, watched the whole thing, re-reviewed it, and liked it even less the second time around. Sometimes you gotta quit while you're ahead, y'all.

Film factbook: Brazilian cinema.

Images: First Look: Heath Ledger in 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'; 'Four Christmases'; New Production Stills from 'Safety Glass.'

Trailers and clips: First Official 'Friday the 13th' Teaser Trailer; Final 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' Trailer For Your Pleasure; Zac Efron's '17 Again' Trailer Debut.

Must Watch: Watchmen Footage from the Scream Awards! (New 'Watchmen' Footage Is Lovely And Tormented); New, Awesome 'Watchmen' Poster; 'Watchmen' rated R for "strong graphic violence, sexuality, nudity and language."

'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #31; 'Quantum' Organization To Return In Future James Bond Films.

New Teaser for 'Twilight' Now Online; 'Twilight' Actor Taylor Lautner Is Eager To Deliver 'Naked' Line, Master Driving; Jackson Rathbone And Peter Facinelli Latest Stars To Join LA’s ‘TwilightLive’ Event ("Discussion topics for the panel include 'Twilight' news, the evolving fandom, and the films" and will feature "notable Twilighters"); Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed? Emmett is gonna be pissed, y'all.

New Terminator Aims To Outdo Sarah Connor With Time Travel Insanity [Terminator: Revolution].

James Cameron Returns To Killer Cyborgs From The Future [Battle Angel].

Rumor Control: Zac Efron NOT in ‘Pirates 4,’ Star Insists.

Bacon Wishes Zac Efron 'Best' for 'Footloose' Remake. I'm not saying I particularly like the kid, but I can see this one.

'High School Musical 3: EW review; ‘HS Musical 3’ Week Continues With Vanessa Hudgens.

Yves Simoneau Helming WWI Story 'Harlem Hellfighters.'

More reviews: 'Let the Right One In'; 'Synecdoche, New York.'

Charlie Kaufman's Own Introspective on Making Sense of 'Synecdoche, New York.'

Naomi Watts Wants to Face Down the President As ‘Jody Williams.’

Talking with 'Prince of Persia' creator Jordan Mechner.

Seth Rogen Plans Origin Story Since ‘No One Knows Anything About The Green Hornet.’

Ashton Kutcher Recruited to Robert Luketic's 'Five Killers.'

Anne Hathaway Grabs More Wedding-Centric Work. Dude, this is like her third wedding movie in a row, what the hell?

Feature: I Watched This On Purpose: The Final Conflict (a.k.a. The Omen III).

Speaking of 'Friday the 13th', Remember How Hilarious Part III Was? From I Watch Stuff: "While looking around at Friday the 13th stuff earlier, I ran across this: Friday the 13th Part III with dubbed-over laugh track from a Beverly Hills episode. It's sort of funny how the laughter immediately transforms the film into a run-of-the-mill sitcom, but the I think the bigger point to take away from this the flipside: that it turns out every bad sitcom has basically been Friday the 13th Part III without the murder."

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