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A fairly good day

Today, I am full of French onion soup and accomplishment. Really full. I have a few screencaps to make (I want to link to visual evidence of some of this weirdness), but other than that, I'm putting the Van Helsing footnotes to bed. Exciting. Which means I get to plow on through the list chronologically and keep going until I hit another unfootnoted patch, and hopefully work through the entire set UNTIL THEY ARE DONE, OMG.

A weird little sidenote: I've been trying out different old BPAL favorites as room scents, and even though Fae is a pretty bubbly scent (bergamot, heliotrope and peach, I think?), I haven't been all that productive this week. Then I put out Siren (ginger, jasmine, vanilla and apricot), and suddenly I'm getting a lot more done. Could be a coincidence, I don't know.

OH OH OH I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING SOMETHING: Today's flashback is (the oddly prescient... kind of) MyScene Lindsay Lohan entry. I even went through and freshened up all the picture links (well, except for one, and I have no idea what it originally was).


David Foster Wallace's Elements of Style.

Teens convicted of virtual theft; Online divorcee jailed after killing virtual hubby "on suspicion of hacking."

10 ways to be a star on Halloween; States target sex offenders before Halloween.

New generation less likely to graduate high school, "and most states are doing little to hold schools accountable."

X-rays made from Scotch tape.

When Isaac Asimov Burned Robert Heinlein [Literary Feuds].

Margaret Atwood Writes NYT Op-Ed, remains sexy while doing so.

My soul craves this necklace. My soul is also broke, however.

Is It a Bird or a UFO Over Uruguay?

Prince continues to chart his own course.

Guns N' Roses' 'Chinese Democracy' to be doused in a November rain of Dr Pepper.

Goodbye Beyoncé, hello Sasha Fierce.

Are you ready to say goodbye to 'SexyBack'?

We walked with Hanson — and we liked it! Why so surprised?

Marvel Attempts To Torpedo Their Own Success ['Super Hero Squad'].

Execs Appalled As Cloris Leachman Reaches Sanjaya-Like Threat to 'Dancing with the Stars.'

William Shatner Trashes George Takei As Psychotic; George Takei Responds to William Shatner's YouTube Sulu Rant.

Entertainment Weekly: 'Heroes': Five ways to fix it; EW Dooms 'Heroes' By Offering To Help Save It.

Lost's Fallen Star Will Shine On 'Chuck.'

Gina Torres Versus The Joker, In The 26th Century [Found Footage].

David Fincher's awesome new sportsgear ad.

Piven: 'Malkovich Put Fear Of God Into Me.' As well he should.

Recall the Gold: The 2003 Best Supporting Actress Oscar race; Will Clint Eastwood Rule the Oscars Again? *twitch*

Images: Clint Eastwood's 'Gran Torino' Gets a Poster, Picture and Release Date; 'Hotel for Dogs' Poster: Kids are the Bread of a Giant Dog Sandwich; No Crotch is Safe from the New 'My Bloody Valentine' Poster.

Trailers and clips: The 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans' Trailer Hits; 'Friday the 13th' Teaser Trailer, for Real This Time; Exclusive Clip From 'The Matador'; Exclusive: 'I Can't Think Straight' Trailer and Poster Premiere; TRAILER EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Ashley Tisdale’s Alien Invasion Movie ‘They Came From Upstairs!’ (WELL, CAPSLOCK AND AN EXCLAMATION POINT, NOW I AM JUST BESIDE MYSELF); Yikes, It's a Boogeyman! Three! Trailer! (YES BUT WHERE IS THE CAPSLOCK?).

AV Club reviews: Synecdoche, New York; I've Loved You So Long; Changeling; Stranded: I Have Come From A Plane That Crashed On The Mountains.

Spike Scream 2008 Watchmen Clip in official-site HD; Carla Gugino Stays In Character For ‘Watchmen’ Doc ‘Under the Hood.’

Ten 'Quantum of Solace' clips (I can't tell you if these are new or not, because I am studiously saving myself for the theater viewing); Bond Alumni Grill Daniel Craig; No 'Bond 23' Schedule Yet, Says Daniel Craig; Stana Katic Calls 'Quantum' A Homage To Early James Bond Films; Bond Films Too Expensive To Make?; Arterton Was Destined To Be Quantum Bond Girl; Kurylenko: 'I'm Not A Bimbo'; Bond Helps Kurylenko Conquer Height Fears; New Bond Is No Martini Man. You know, you have to love a man who will admit, "We did a proper taste test: full measure of gin, full measure of vodka and then another liqueur on top of it. I ended up on the floor."

‘Twilight’ Star Ashley Greene Laces Up For ‘Skateland’; Perry Farrell song, "Decode" video date on Stephenie Meyer's website; a Kellan "Emmett" Lutz interview/picpost for those of you who had expressed appreciation; The Hair touches down in Mexico, is assaulted with sombrero. As akathorne noted, "The Hair must have been jetlagged, or it would have warned him about this." I have never felt so sorry for someone I've never even met. Which makes me feel really horrible, by the way, for laughing so hard.

Rumor Alert: Hogwarts, the Ride and More on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Can Terminator 4 Top The Liquid Silver T-1000 From T2?; McG on the 'Terminator Salvation' Post-Production. (Related: McG to Direct 'Dead Spy Running.')

Javier Bardem Cast in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's 'Biutiful.'

Murphy, Broadbent and Gleeson Collect 'Perrier's Bounty.'

The Spirit's Unholy Flash Game From Hell.

An Early Review of Gerard Butler's 'Game.'

Gerard Way's Comic to be made into a movie? And Alfonso Cuaron has right of first refusal, what?

Ben Stiller Replacing Spielberg on 'Chicago 7'? That does not seem like a fair trade, somehow.

Jon Voight Asks ‘Transformers’ To Elect Him President.

Who's ready for another 'Star Wars' MMO?

Fact Guide for 'W.' Now Online.

'Quarantine' Duo Tapped for Shyamalan's 'Night Chronicles.' Night Chronicles. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

Script Review: Matthew Vaughn's 'Kick-Ass' Adaptation.

Seth Green Looking to Direct 'Freshmen' Adaptation.

'Toxic Avenger: The Musical' Is A Spine-Ripping Good Time [Exclusive].

'Hitler's Brain' Gets a Musical Makeover. There is no way this will not be awesome.

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