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Okay, so. My cable was dead all morning, which means that both my TV and internet were on the fritz, and pretty much every resource I had for recapping was out. It's come back (obviously), but I don't know if it'll go out again, so if I don't post the True Blood recap before the new episode tonight (or show up on the intarwebs at all), that's what happened. Also, I may be coming down with my aunt's death cold, I'm not sure. The weird thing is that I was exhausted and just wanted to pass out when I came home last night, but I ended up waking up at three in the morning, unable to do anything but toss, and couldn't get back to sleep until six. So what I'm saying is, if I can't finish before the new ep comes on tonight, I ain't gonna feel guilty cry about it. I love y'all, but I busted my ass with the Recap Triathlon last weekend and I'm not straining like that again. I've got to save my strength for liveblogging the Oscars in February.

(The kind of parties I go to: last night, there was both wassail and purple drank.)

Speaking of the Oscars, let's do Oscar Telecast Spoilers from the Future (2005) for today's flashback. The Illegal Substances Limo Tailgate Party didn't happen, of course, but that was the year we did get Jeremy Irons, Comedy Superstar.

ETA: New Half-Blood Prince trailer!

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