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So. Mostly productive today; posted True Blood recap #7 late this afternoon--I still have last night's episode to recap as well. (While we're here: An interview with Sam "Werecollie" Trammell [no spoilers as far as I can tell].)

Today's journal flashback: my dentist, Dr. Jones (no relation), likes to sing along with disco songs.

Oh, and something I think I'm going to start using Twitter for--you know those ALERT ALERT ALERT posts I do sometimes? I'm still going to do those for OH MY GOD GO HERE NOW things, but if I see something really awesome (litmus test: do I start shrieking and clapping like a fool?) that isn't quite that urgent, I will probably post the link on Twitter first (example) and then have it in the normal linkspam later in the day. So, you know, if you're into Twitter, something to keep in mind. And even if you're not, you can still check my page on your usual website rounds.

On to the linkspam:

Child's Body Found as Jennifer Hudson's Family Tragedy Takes Turn for Worst; Tragedy leaves Hudson’s career at crossroads; American Idol Pals Offer Support To Hudson; Casting call for "Dreamgirls" to be postponed out of respect for Jennifer Hudson.

TV anchorwoman dies after attack; Friends ‘crushed’ by TV anchor Anne Pressly's death.

Acclaimed author Tony Hillerman dies at 83; 'Born storyteller' Tony Hillerman dies at 83; Remembering Tony Hillerman.

I... I think we should have something cheerful now. Cheerful and maybe furry.

Pup saves kittens from fire!

Tigers leap through wall of fire to safety.

Front brings freeze watch to Alabama, South. WOOT!

Yet more gorgeous antique jewelry, in case you didn't believe me when I said I was crazy about it. I think I maybe just need a blue butterfly piece of some kind.

Why are pretty dolls so expensive? WHYYYYYY. (I'm not even going to go through all the new Ellowynes with you. Eowyn might never forgive me if I did.)

XKCD and the New Yorker have a cartoon-off.

Defamer Halloween Costume Ideas, Vol. I: The Visionaries; The 7 Types of Pet Costumes; Test Pattern: Scariest movie lines; 5Top: Scary movies for the squeamish; The Hater: Celebrities See Ghosts Just Like Us!

The Horror, The Horror: Women Writers Provide Empowering Portraits [The Brides Of Frankenstein].

'Weird Tales' Reinvents Modern Spooky in Website Relaunch.

Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me: New Cure album streaming on MySpace.

Children in Need to preview Doctor Who Christmas special.

Where Is 'Dollhouse'?; 'Dollhouse' Really Did Almost Fall Apart, Joss Says.

Civil trial of Keanu Reeves begins in L.A.

EXCLUSIVE: Sean Connery Confirms Retirement Status.

Box Office Report: 'High School Musical 3' rocks the record books.

Images: Keira Knightley on 'Last Night' set in Manhattan (Oct 24th) ("i'm scared and cold and alone... she's not in a period piece!"); Inglorious Bastards; Slumdog Millionaire.

Trailers and clips: Watch This: 'Slumdog Millionaire' Teaser; More Proof That Children Are Evil ['The Children']; Saw School Musical trailer (heh); 'The Garden of Eden' trailer; 'Anamorph' trailer; Worth Watching - Michelle Williams' 'Wendy and Lucy' Trailer; Must Watch: Dustin Hoffman's 'Last Chance Harvey' Trailer (with Emma Thompson!); 'The International' Gets an International Trailer; Check This Out: Sarah Brightman in 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' Clip; 'South Park' Gets So Startled! with a 'Cloverfield'/'Quarantine' parody.

trailer_spot: Gran Torino, JCVD, Secret Of Moonacre, Wendy and Lucy, Transporter 3.

More casting for Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland': Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee and Michael Sheen! I AM SO EXCITED. I also love that Alan Rickman's now been sucked into Burton's little repertory company. And that Christopher Lee apparently decided not to shank Burton after he got cut from Sweeney Todd.

A repeat from this weekend: New international 'Half-Blood Prince' trailer.

Nolan (Vaguely) Answers if He'll Direct Third Batman ("Everything is possible"); Brett Ratner Salivates as Chris Nolan Hints He Might Not Direct 'Batman 3.' (Not really. Trust me, I got upset too.)

Watchmen's Rorschach Was Almost A 1970s Flasher; Dr. Manhattan's Blue Man Bits Now In HD.

New Twilight quad poster (warning: the full size tried to eat my brain); International Twilight Trailer & Two TV Spots; Borders Has Twilight Behind the Scenes Videos; Twilight Director and Actors Hit Spain; EW is taking Entertainer of the Year nominations and Twihards are on the job (as are anti-Twilighters). Or, you know, we could all just vote for Robert Downey Jr. or something.

(Halloween Week Begins With A Sneak Peek Of ‘Twilight’ Star Cam Gigandet In ‘The Unborn’! Okay, so--James the Evil Vampire, Crazy Gary Oldman, and Beth Beth Beth--is there anyone in this movie I haven't written about before?)

(Feature: I vant to suck your broccoli: 23 unusual vampire variations. It may say something about me that this came up on Google Reader and I blurted out, "YEAH, BITCHES, BUNNICULA!")

Chris Pine Talks Briefly About Playing Captain Kirk.

‘Clash Of The Titans’ Designer Gives Medusa A Bad Hair Day For Remake.

Q&A: Coraline Revealed.

'Push' Footage Unveiled.

Why 'The Umbrella Academy' May Be The Greatest Superhero Movie Ever. OMG HEY: "I want Colleen Atwood to do the costumes. She's never done a super-hero." That's it, pal--your movie is getting an entry tag right now.

Singleton Quits A-Team Movie.

Warner Bros. Unrolling ‘Ninja Scroll’ For The Big Screen ('Ninja Scroll' Movie Sure to Anger 'Ninja Scroll' Fans).

Theaters Refuse To Show 'Zack And Miri'; Kevin Smith on the Alternate Title for 'Zack and Miri.'

Review: 'I've Loved You So Long.'

Simmons and Messina See 'An Invisible Sign of My Own.'

Harring, Jones and Fehr Get Set to 'Drool.'

Jean Reno Joins Vaughn and Favreau's 'Couples Retreat.'

LeAnn Rimes to Star in Nora Roberts' 'Northern Lights.'

Surreal 'Synecdoche' Was Hot: "In one scene, a house burns perpetually while actors work around the flames."

One Skillion Words On The Making Of 'Milk.'

Killer Films Developing 'William the Conqueror.'

Seth Rogen Thinks He's Too Good for 'Ghostbusters III.'

Director: 'Angels & Demons' will fly faster than 'Da Vinci.'

I don't really have an Uwe Boll Slot item for today, so... I mean, we don't know! The Da Vinci Code sequel could totally not suck! It's possible, right? I mean... right?

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