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Fairly productive day--a long slow slog, but I kept on keepin' on. I mean, my eyelid's started twitching again, but what're you gonna do.

Today's journal flashback: Van Helsing in Fifteen Minutes, because that's pretty much what started everything. And, you know, Halloween and stuff. Speaking of which, I have something fun planned for tomorrow, if I can get it all to work.

Meanwhile, the dogs went crazy yesterday evening while everyone thought someone else was watching them and they tore a large strip of wallpaper off near the kitchen window. Which means that if we can't match the wallpaper (we probably can't), we'll have to re-paper the entire kitchen. You know, because we have the money or the fortitude to deal with that right now. Also, they ATE THE WALLPAPER, WHAT THE HELL. So now we're going to have to get a second crate (they're too big to both fit in the old one) and crate them during the day because I can't watch them and get work done, which hurts my heart but guess what? It's not like we can let them run around and destroy the house, either--they've already acquired a taste for magazines as it is. Fnarr.

Total change of subject: can anyone recommend a good, free music player/program for my computer that is NOT iTunes? Yahoo Jukebox has decided to suck hosewater since they killed Y! Unlimited and tried to send everyone over to Rhapsody, WHICH IS NOT FREE, leaving the player a shell of what it once was. Seriously, it ate all my playlists and now it's acting like my music library is empty, and even after I load all my thousands of mp3s again it does it again the next day, and now it's all like, "Reload what? You don't have anything." I mean, if I click on a specific mp3 file in Windows Explorer, it opens just fine. It's just that everything that makes a player convenient to use, like PLAYLISTS and A LIBRARY, is gone. And I really liked Yahoo Jukebox, is what pisses me off. I downloaded Media Monkey and it seems okay, except for me now having to learn the finer points of a new program and all--oh, and the fact that I can't figure out how to make the equalizer DO anything, and I'm used to my music sounding a certain way, FIX IT NOWWWW. *stamps feet*

ETA: Ah, okay. Apparently what I want is the "Rock" preset, and then move the scary DOOMP DOOMP slider down to -10?


Archeologist finds 3,000-year old Hebrew text.

Shit, Fuck to Enliven Supreme Court Swearing Arguments.

Onion headline from 1993: Roy The Forklift Driver addresses nation.

Denver Citizens Demand Nermal's Solace.

Beatles work out deal with 'Rock Band' creators on music game.

America’s Most Haunted: Six Seriously Spooky Sites.

Researchers build 'haunted' room; Are EMFs Making You See Ghosts?

The Eldrich Horrors of Lovecraft-Influenced Scifi [Triviagasm].

What virtual zombies can teach us about the bad economy.

Horror-film royalty runs in blood of 'monster kids.'

Where To Get Your Quick And Dirty Horror Movies - Free Online [Free Horror]; You Can Watch All of 'Midnight Meat Train' Right Here, Right Now.

Defamer Halloween Costume Ideas, Vol. IV: The Rebel; Defamer Halloween Costume Ideas, Vol. V: The Maverick; Halloween party! 31 cool costumes; Sexy little devils? Policing kids’ costumes.

New Book Reveals How Comic-Con Destroyed One Man's Life.

'30 Rock' courts Jon Hamm.

Jane Lynch cast in Fox's 'Glee.'

Rob Reiner's mom, had key line in 'Sally,' dies.

Roger Ebert goes to town on Ben Lyons "someone."

Studio Oscar Sites Updated with Scripts and Such; Recall the Gold: The 1993 Best Actress Oscar race.

Gus Van Sant's 'Milk' mirrors today's politics -- so why hasn't it opened already?; UPDATED: 'Milk' Screening Gets a Strange Bit of Attention; Tolerance Preaching 'Milk' Inspires Oscar Blogger Bloodbath.

Images: Exclusive: 'Fanboys' Poster Premiere and New Pics.

Trailers and clips: Danny Boyle's Beautiful 'Slumdog Millionaire' Trailer (Don't Watch the New 'Slumdog Millionaire' Trailer); Official US Trailer for Palme d'Or Winner 'The Class'; Must Watch: First 'Angels and Demons' Teaser Trailer; 'Long Weekend' Trailer: Saturday, Sunday, and Friday Night Never Seemed Longer; 'Hotel for Dogs' Trailer; Exclusive: Clip from 'Until the Light Takes Us'; Exclusive: Get A Sneak Peek At The New ‘Friday The 13th’ Film; Exclusive: Clip from 'A Christmas Tale.'

'Quantum of Solace' Quick Commentary and 28 New Images; what the HELL are these girls wearing; Daniel Craig Makes Damage Look Dapper; Daniel Craig Is Injured But Hot; 'Quantum of Solace' Premiere Photos/Video; Video: 'Quantum of Solace' Stars Walk The Red Carpet; Forster On 'Quantum of Solace': It Should Be Like A Bullet; Royal premiere for new Bond film 'Quantum of Solace'; Princes William and Harry ‘Bond’ with 007; Michael G. Wilson: 'Bond 23' Work To Begin Early Next Year.

Two New Photos from the "Half-Blood Prince" Film; Seven larger calendar promos; Producer David Heyman Responds to Half-Blood Prince Delay.

Twilight TV Spot #5; New clip: the cafeteria scene; Please, feel free to get your crazy on me, I don't have anything better to do; Buy your tickets early and get a free download of "Bella's Lullaby (Remix)" (mmcha mmcha WOOP WOOP WOOP); EW loves the soundtrack; The Fug Girls would like to have a talk with RPattz; Unearthed Footage Reveals ‘Twilight’ Star Mike Welch Has Talent To Spare.

Chris Nolan Talks 'Justice League' and More 'Batman 3.'

Christian Bale Playing Dr. Strange? There is a footnote I did for "The Prestige in Fifteen Minutes," and it begins, "All your big-budget leading man roles? Christian Bale is going to get them. All of them. They’re his, and you can’t have them. He is going to play every famous character he can think of, and then he will make up some more just to be sure." And I wrote that three weeks ago.

Sherlock Holmes Jumps Into Action!; More set pics; Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas from 'Sherlock Holmes' Set.

Brandon Routh on a Darker Superman.

Transformers That Didn't Make The Cut at

Gary Oldman To Fight Denzel Washington After The End Of The World ['The Book Of Eli'].

Sho'nuff! Samuel L. Jackson is in 'The Last Dragon.'

Paramount Adapting 'Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery.'

Marc Webb Helming 'Age of Rage' for Fox Searchlight.

Kevin Smith on the Origins and Original Cast of 'Zack and Miri'; 'Porno' legitimizes Kevin Smith's career; 'Porno' arouses too few laughs.

Scary 'Splinter' will get under your skin.

Tedious 'Saw V': Been there, done that, saw that.

Who should sing 'Fame' for the movie remake?

Gay Men And 13-Year-Old Girls Unite In Protest Against Cut Zac Efron Shower Scene [High School Musical 3].

The Mexican Beauty Queen Who Captures Alien Monsters For Fun.

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