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So we just spent half an hour on the phone with Charter getting them to reroute our router or remode our modem or I don't even know what the hell, and I have not had internet since about 11 am, and I have NO IDEA what happened anywhere today. (I mean, I turned on the TV news but it was nothing but election hysteria, so: NO IDEA.) Also, I have a terrifying number of comments and emails in my inbox, which makes me think that something happened, but I'm not sure what. (Yes, I'm aware of the new Paramore video.) (Did everyone really just want to talk about hot chocolate and light boxes? Because that's really kind of what it's looking like. Huh.) (And Eowyn kept bugging me all day to refresh Firefox and see if the cable was back yet, because she was all in a lather that might have posted the new doll pics today. THE THIRD DAY OF THE MONTH IS BY DEFINITION "EARLY NOVEMBER," CHECK FOR INTERNETS AGAAAAAAAAIN.)

As for the linkspam, I'm going to deal with that after I've had dinner.

ETA: Tour of Terror: Soho has already descended into MADNESS, and the event hasn't even started yet.

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