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Mexico City's 'water monster' nears extinction. "Beneath the tourist gondolas in the remains of a great Aztec lake lives a creature that resembles a monster — and a Muppet — with its slimy tail, plumage-like gills and mouth that curls into an odd smile."

Tests confirm bones are adventurer Steve Fossett's.

Twinkies to shrink into 100-calorie snack packs, will still survive nuclear holocaust and outlive us all.

Fan's book delves into Potter's magic in online world.

ABC fires 'Grey's Anatomy' actress. Because... the lesbian storyline was "making people nervous" or something? Aw, Brooke Smith deserves better than that.

Why 'Pushing Daisies' Is The Best TV Show You're Not Watching.

It's True: Joaquin Phoenix Wishes A Fond Bye!Good To Hollywood; Who Will Replace Joaquin Phoenix?; Friends of Joaquin Phoenix are worried about him; The Hater: How To Say Goodbye To Your Acting Career, On Purpose. My sister: "I'll believe it when he goes back to 'Leaf' again."

Reeves Cleared Of Running Down Photographer.

Halloween Overachiever Heidi Klum Upsets Hindus Over Goddess Costume.

Reasons Why Harrison Ford May Have Worn This Peapod Costume for Halloween.

Images: Posters zomg--Coraline, The Boat That Rocked, A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy, Adam Resurrected, Johnny Got His Gun, Flashbacks of a Fool, Dark Streets (may be old?), Reclaiming the Blade. Also: Exclusive: 'Last Chance Harvey' Images; First Look: Zombies from George Romero's 'Island of the Dead'; New Pics: Being a 'Yes Man' Means Becoming Harry Potter?

Trailers and clips: First Trailer for 'The Reader'; Internet's Yellow Band Trailer is 'Unborn'; Exclusive 'Soul Men' Red Band Trailer; 'Star Wars' Geeks Unite! 'Fanboys' Trailer is Here; Worth Watching: Bruce Campbell's 'My Name Is Bruce' Trailer; 'Were the World Mine' trailer ("It truly is a musical dream. It's every gay man's dream at least").

trailer_spot: The Reader, Valkyrie, Christmas Tale, The Class, Reclaiming the Blade.

'Quantum of Solace' Grabs #1 Spot At International Box Office; 'Quantum of Solace' Sets Box Office Record In UK; 'Quantum of Solace': Exclusive pics!; New 'Quantum of Solace' TV Spots Air; How 007 Barely Avoided a Paul Haggis-Sired 'Bond Baby' (WHAT); Movie Review: 'Quantum of Solace.'

Twilight--and speak of the devil: Full Twilight-themed video for Paramore's "Decode"; 'Twilight': Inside Paramore video. Also: Robert Pattinson to be at Planet Hollywood Times Square tomorrow at 5 pm for more insanity (judging by Soho this evening, you'll need to get there about, oh, NOON); More pics from the Rome International Film Festival; Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed in the LA Times (whoa... someone's getting a little bit werecollie up in there); The Twilight Fansites Interview Rob Pattinson (part 2); Ask 'Twilight' Stars and Author a Question!; We want your questions for Robert Pattinson!; We want your questions for Taylor Lautner!; See cast members' other roles; Check Out Our Gallery Of ‘Twilight’-Themed Costumes…And Pumpkins! Or... not. Also-also, from msilverstar: "I'd like to plug my friend's Twilight fan site:" (to which I replied, "She has good pictures and she's not crazy? Awesome!").

'Australia' Poster, Trailer and 170+ Minute Runtime; Where Has Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia' Been Hiding?; Whereabouts of 'Australia' Uncertain as Fox Buys Time For Baz Luhrmann.

Official 'Watchmen' Site Update; See 'Watchmen' Warrior The Comedian Smoke And Look Sexy In Vietnam.

Exploring David Fincher's World in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.'

Jon Favreau And Tony Stark Face The Price Of Fame; Spiteful 'Iron Man' Producers: We Never Liked Terrence Howard Anyway.

Check Out the Trailer and Poster for 'The Reader'; 'Reader' Trailer Drops as Kate Winslet Craves Oscar in 'Vanity Fair' ("Do I want it? You bet your fucking ass I do! I think that people assume that I don’t care or don’t want it or don’t need it or something. It’s hard to be there five times, and I’m only human, you know? But I don’t go home and cry, because we’re all grown-ups here"); Kate Winslet: "Once A Fat Kid, Always A Fat Kid"; read the article, see the Catherine Deneuve-inspired pictures.

Robert Downey Jr.'s 'Naughty Areas' Saved By Quick-Thinking Jude Law on Sherlock Holmes set.


Bruno Lends His Support To Fashion-Challenged 'Yes On 8' Rally; Sacha Baron Cohen Can't Fool L.A. Gays.

Shellshocked Weinsteins Find New Enemy in the 'Zack and Miri' Aftermath. But Defamer argues that the genre isn't the problem: "Make all the porn comedies you want, just don't release them on Halloween behind a campaign featuring sanitized TV spots and stick figures of Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks. While the latter star still remains a relatively unknown box-office quanity, Rogen has done nothing but open one R-rated comedy after another since last year. Zack and Miri, not so much."

Someone Might Pay for 'Tintin' After All.

Fantasy Thriller 'Fading of the Cries', now in Pre-Production.

Seth Green Spills All About His Directorial Debut, 'The Freshman.'

The Farrelly Brothers Reviving the Three Stooges in 2009.

Who's Replacing Bruce Campbell in 'Bubba Nosferatu'?!

What Horrors Will Frank Miller Bring To The Catwalk? ['The Spirit']; Frank Miller Defends His Quirky Vision for 'The Spirit.'

Commence Incredulity: 'Forbidden Planet' Remake is Coming.

Troy Duffy’s ‘Boondock Saints’ Sequel Finally Happening.

Sequel to 'Doogal' All But Threatened.

Eh, it's a weak contender for the Slot. It'll have to do.

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