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We're going to need a bigger post

So... yeah. I didn't get anything done today.

Political/entertainment news (and no, this is not going to become a regular feature):

I forget who had the Newseum link, but it is AWESOME. (Hey! There's my newspaper!)

Determined Texas woman, 92, votes in ambulance.

The A.V. Club at the Barack Obama election-night rally in Chicago.

Stewart, Colbert parody election in real-time; Did Stephen Colbert shed some secret liberal tears? He totally did, y'all, because I noticed it at the time. Also: I cannot believe that I first heard that Barack Obama would be our next president on the Daily Show.

Tina Fey says she's retiring Sarah Palin impersonation.

Maya Angelou On Barack Obama: "We All Rise." [Clips]

Stars React to Obama's Historic Win; Does President Obama Mean Will Smith Is Still Game For Biopic?; Barack Obama: The EW Q&A.

First Things First: What Kind Of Dog Should The First Puppy Be?

CNN Can't Stop Pimping Its Election-Night Holographic Toy; How CNN’s Hologram Interview System Works; Election's Biggest Losers: TV News; The Hater: Election 2008: Race To Unneccessary Graphics. This is not even to speak of the multiplicity of constantly shifting NBC graphics, which were making me seasick.

Madonna Concert Breaks Out at Massive Political Rally.

Defeated Al Franken Wishing He Had Just Shaken 571 More Hands.

With Fifty-Two Percent of Vote, Prop 8 Passes; Changed America Still Hates the Gays. (Related: Gus Van Sant's 'Milk' Has Just Become So Much More Relevant; It's Rally Time in a New Clip from 'Milk.')

Twilight linkspam:

Robert Pattinson Takes Over Planet Hollywood; from bella_stella78: Honor Turns To Shame For Robert Pattinson when cement dries too fast.

Robert Pattinson interview on Z100 in NY (ONTD: HoboRadio); Another behind the scenes video of Twilight; RPattz wishes he could have been Bella.

'Twilight' Countdown: Catherine Hardwicke talks about the meadow and making Robert Pattinson 'dazzle.' Okay, people, "dazzling" is a completely separate phenomenon from "sparkling." Let's get these things right.

("I was just begging and begging, 'I’ve got to shoot a meadow. Something that looks like a meadow. Or people are going to stone me in the streets.' " You think Hardwicke's exaggerating and she's so incredibly not.)

Get Your Pre-Teen Vampire Twilight Tickets Now, Plus Sexy New Clips.

Yet another media outlet is too lazy to think of its own interview questions. (To be fair: if I had to interview pretty much anyone, I'd run screaming to y'all for help. On the other hand: I AM NOT A TRAINED JOURNALIST.)

Stephenie Meyer: 12 inspirations for 'Twilight' (Can Iron Man really count as an inspiration if it came out just two months before her last book?).

(I laughed when I got to the X-Men part.)

Fans Rally for Blood Drives (ah, taking a page from the Moonlight playbook, I see); Summer School in Forks: A Twilight Symposium Update.

Regular linkspam:

Remembering Michael Crichton; Michael Crichton: A Tireless Craftsman.

Scientists Decode Set of Cancer Genes.

Google drops Yahoo advertising partnership.

McDreamy McAngry About the 'Grey's Anatomy' Gay Firing.

Brand New Trailer For Joss Whedon's 'Dollhouse.'

Oscar Update: Doubt in 'Doubt', Eastwood's First Acting Oscar and Winslet's Works.

Images: Megan Fox Isn't Wonder Woman; First still of Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel; Keira Knightley Continues To Look Lugubrious On Set Of 'Last Night'; New Batch of Photos from Frank Miller's 'The Spirit'; Noir Posters Capture the Pulpy Joy of Superhero Movies (pictured: 'Watchmen,' 'Spider-Man,' 'The Dark Knight').

Trailers and clips: Final Trailer for Kate DiCamillo's 'The Tale of Despereaux.'

'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #33; EW Review: 'Quantum of Solace'; Who's your favorite Bond villain?; Sir Ken Adams Guides You Through The Greatest Evil Lairs From James Bond.

Chris Morgan Confirms He’s Writing ‘Wanted 2,’ Hints At Sequel Going 'Global.'

Shyamalan Eager To Transform Image With ‘Last Airbender’ Franchise.

Is Grant Morrison Writing The Fastest Movie Alive? [The Flash]

‘Bourne’ Beauty Franke Potente Aims To Survive Deadly ‘Wave’; Franka Potente Starves on the High Seas.

Simon Pegg Demands A Return To Traditional "Zombie Values."

Ray Winstone, Ray Liotta Play Russian Roulette With 50 Cent, Jason Statham In ‘13.’

EXCL: Brightman and Hilton on 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'; Sarah Brightman Flashes Her Holographic Eyes, Belts Out New 'Repo!' Song.

Paramount Adapting Paul Pope's 'Battling Boy' Graphic Novel.

'Bend it Like Beckham' Director Heads for the Land of Serial Killers.

Jack Black sets a course for 'Gulliver's Travels.'

Confirmed: '30 Days of Night' Getting a Sequel!

Hideo Nakata Helming 'Chatroom'; Are You Ready for 'Chatroom: The Movie'?

Schneider, Dewan and Davis Join 'Virgin on Bourbon Street'; Rob Schneider is Still Starring in Movies.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Universal Soldier 3’ Moves Forward With Jean-Claude Van Damme, But No Dolph Lundgren? SACRILEGE.

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