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I swear there won't be too many more of these

Whoa, is it 8:30 already?

Because it's worth linking again: the greatest Breaking Dawn macro that ever has been or ever will be made.

The rest of the EW Twilight covers. Foolishly, I thought they might actually have someone not playing Edward or Bella on the third cover. What can I say? It's been a long week and I'm off my game.

Video of Robert Pattinson on TRL yesterday. Good luck getting to the stage alive, dude:

Remember: in case of fangirls, stop, drop and hobo.

(More from the TOUR OF TERROR: Planet Hollywood, A Fan’s Perspective.)

(Y'all, I am expecting people to get in the trenches next week and bring us eyewitness reports. Monday's San Francisco with the B-group in Seattle--who feels like taking their life [and their earplugs] into their hands? YOU KNOW I WOULD DO IT FOR YOU.)

10 Best Celeb Quotes This Week from "I stopped reading [the book] when it said, 'Even in the rain he looked like he was in an underwear commercial.'" – Twilight star Robert Pattinson, on why he initially thought he wasn't right for film's romantic lead, to EW.

More from EW: Robert Pattinson on Virgil and Martin Amis, and on looking like an 'alien.'

MOAR FROM EW: Kristen Stewart's interview and cover.
Stewart, who was just 17 when she shot the movie, was uncompromising about what she'd allow her character to do and say. ''We had to rewrite and improvise a lot of the most intense scenes, because Kristen will not say something if she doesn't feel good about it,'' recalls Hardwicke. ''Kristen is very tough and she does not tolerate bullshit.'' Stewart just feels like she was doing her job. ''I had some of the corniest lines I've ever had in this film,'' says the actress, who was keen to tone down some of the over-the-top declarations of ''I will die for you!'' love. ''We were so awkward saying those lines. Catherine was like, 'Just feel it and say what comes to you.'''
On just about any other movie, she would sound like the biggest brat ever. But here... yeah. Keep on bitchin' on, Kristen.

From the Stephenie Meyer EW interview yesterday: "It's really too bad in some ways because Twilight is going to be limited by the fact that this is a vampire romance and it's basically aimed at teens. If not for that, his performance in my opinion is Oscar-worthy." Well, here's a BITCH PLZ precedent from the Harry Potter fandom: Goblet of Fire should win every award ever! And we will conveniently be going straight into awards season! Twilight fandom, I expect you to bring your A-game petition crazy.

(I'll call it right now: if nothing else, the fan community will wage a campaign to get Pattinson a Best Song nomination.)

(And then? The Razzies will be announced. ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.)

Find 'Twilight,' 'Watchmen' Exclusives And More Movie Sneak Peeks On MTV's New 'Spoilers' Series. HEY GUYS I JUST HEARD THIS SPOILER THE OTHER DAY, YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE IT BUT CEDRIC IS A VAMPIRE!!

InStyle drinks the Kool-Aid and puts up an entire Twilight section, to the despair of a good friend of mine who works for them. THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO FACILITATE THE DELIVERY OF YOUR LULZ, McRACHEL.

From anaroriel: MSNBC gets its snark on (bonus link from me): "Robert Pattinson, Cedric Diggory in 'Harry Potter,' plays Edward. Some fans found him to be not gorgeous enough. I invite them to check their eyesight. That said, his image on the 'Twilight' poster is icky and he should totally fire his stylist."

MarketWatch: Will 'Twilight' bring dawn or dusk to movie season?

Exclusive Twilight Clip on 'Heroes.'

Borders Pre-Release Party! Next Saturday! Wait... why?

What's your 'Twilight' (if you're, um, not actually into 'Twilight')? Well, for a long time, the Lord of the Rings movies were. Well, and the Narnia movies; I remember waiting with great anticipation to find out who would play the White Witch, and being torn for about five minutes between the undeniable awesomeness of Tilda Swinton and the NOT-DARKNESS of her hair. The Golden Compass, I was pretty big on watching that get made (and then weeping with despair when they didn't move forward with the sequels). Watchmen may be my next big crazy OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THEY HAVE TO ADAPT THIS CORRECTLY LET ME TELL YOU WHY YOU HAVE TO SEE IT thing, I don't know.

(Would it be too cheesy if I did the bloggy-blogger "Tell me what YOUR Twilight is!" thing here?)


(If Twilight is your Twilight, I'm going to assume that you hate me.)

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