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Quick Twilight spam before the regular goes up

Once again: the day has slipped past me without my realizing it. And yet? I regret nothing, because it was a lovely, sunny, sleepy, do-nothing day.


Bella And Edward Hit The (Blood) Red Carpet. Or, "This is, in fact, what your hair looks like after wearing a cap for a week." (MTV Rocks L.A. With ‘Twilight’-Geared ‘Spoilers’ Taping: Here’s Ashley The Intern’s Special Report!; More premiere pics of people being adorable. I love that Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed are BFF now. Although, I shouldn't be surprised, since Rosalie spends most of the series hating Bella and the movie actors are, like, Opposite Planet Twilight. Well, except for Alice and Jasper. Ladies and gentlemen, start your shipper tinhats!)

A 100-page special issue? Really?

Yahoo Movies joins the bandwagon, sets up special section, posts exclusive clip.

Borders behind the scenes clip, new poster.

More pics added to the "EW Twilight Photo Album." The new photos start here.

The EW cover story is up and it is EPIC.
For this story — the first in-depth interview of Pattinson's young career — the actor's manager suggested that Hollywood's next It Guy be interviewed at the Chateau Marmont hotel, in L.A., over a civilized lunch on the chic outdoor patio. So on a recent afternoon, Pattinson, looking slightly befuddled, wearing secondhand black jeans, what he assumes was once a rather large woman's bowling shirt, and old Chinese slippers with his big toes sticking sadly out of large holes, folds his lanky six-foot frame into a tiny chair. [...] After ditching the hotel — ''Okay, let's think, everything is all schmancy and industry around here'' — he suggests a low-rent heavy metal bar in West Hollywood where he's sung and played guitar at a couple of open-mike nights. [...] On the ride to the bar, he apologizes for the state of his car, a rattling 1989 black convertible BMW that he recently bought for $2,000. The roof is broken, the old dashboard that caught on fire while he was driving on the highway is chucked in the backseat with the rest of his junk, and he insists that the red flashing light on the new dash is nothing to be alarmed by. ''If I crash,'' he pleads with an impish grin, after nearly rear-ending a sleek Mercedes, ''don't mention it in the article, will you?''
Caught on fire?
The studio has him set up in a temporary apartment (outside of which there's always a few eager Twilighters camped) where the only things he keeps in his fridge are peach Snapple and a freezerful of pepperoni Hot Pockets.

(Man, I gotta tell you, if I had people breathing down my neck like that, I would not be nice about it after a while. "JESUS CHRIST, ARE YOU STILL HERE? *flying coins* GO GET MAMA CLEO SOME MORE MOUNTAIN DEW.")
''I got sent to media training and my agent got back messages like, 'He's resisting the media training,''' he says with an amused shrug.
I am fascinated by the idea of "media training" for actors. I shouldn't be surprised that they have it, really. God, I wonder what kind of things they tell you. You know. In media training.

(Every time he says something like "Edward Cullen was so beautiful I creamed myself" or "He could be like a piece of cheese and she would think the same thing" or "You're hot and everything, but just shut up," a media trainer bursts into flame.)
He's sifting through higher-profile scripts, amused to find himself in the same conversation as stars like Shia LaBeouf for a role in a Gladiator -style period movie.
There is nothing about that sentence that is not hilarious. I mean, even just "Shia LaBeouf in a Gladiator-style movie" makes me cry with laughter.
As soon as he comes into cash, he has a tendency to blow it all anyway. ''Not on cars, obviously,'' he laughs. ''I have very, very low expenditures, but still I manage to spend it all. I guess Hot Pockets are more expensive than I thought."
This is the point where I pretty much fell over and died, really.

Give me thirty seconds and the regular linkspam will go up.

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