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Followups from previous posts:

Re: writerly anxieties: I now have a row of mini Post-Its stuck across the shelf over my desk, and they read (from left to right):
This is fun.

This is entertainment.

This is not brain surgery.

Nobody dies.
Re: green eyes: Have also been window-shopping at the Sephora site, browsing the "for green eyes" shadow palettes. I'm sure my eyes are still kind of bluish, and they've always had that Mary Sue ring of brown around the pupils, but I don't need a lot of excuses to hang out on the Sephora site, so. (When I was playing with some Hard Candy shadows I got on deep discount, I noticed that reddish, tawny or peach colors really made my eyes pop, no matter what color we decide to call them. So now I've been cruising various brands for those colors. I hate to say it, but one of the colors I'm most interested in is called... "Roach." Thanks, Urban Decay. At least "Last Call" doesn't make me want to throw up, as names go.

Oh, you know what else blew my mind? I was reading last month's Vanity Fair, the one with Amy Adams on the cover, and in the article I discovered that

1) She was the lead in that craptastic TV show Manchester Prep that got repackaged as Cruel Intentions 2 ;


What? WHAT? What else fundamental to my system of beliefs is really a lie? And I don't know where she got the red from but it's really good, too. Damn.

Re: Pushing Daisies: reports of its death may be exaggerated. So if you do want to see it stay on the air, now is the time to work on saving it.

Re: Twilight: So... what does media training involve? life_on_queen says: "Uh, the media training I went to was pretty much - wear navy blue or black when you want to be taken seriously, tan or beige means 'love me, touch me.'" Permit me to note here that media-training-resistant Robert Pattinson is usually wearing black--and, in the books, Edward Cullen is ALWAYS wearing beige. (Poor confused, sex-starved, mixed-signaled Bella. "Your mouth says no, but your beige says UNF.")

Jumping randomly to something else: the best Metaquotes ever. If you don't get the punchline, you may want to take a detour over here.

(Something equally random and fabulous: one thing I love about the latest version of Firefox is that you can go up to the address bar and type in, say, "wikipedia the aristocrats," and it will take you to exactly that page. [Okay, technically it takes you a disambiguation page in this case, but it works with single-article topics.] And you can do it with "imdb [movie title]," "sephora [cosmetic brand]," all kinds of things. This has made my life so much easier, let me tell you. And for anyone who wants to argue the authorship of POTO/15M with me, type in "phantom of the opera in fifteen minutes" and see which web page Firefox takes you to IMMEDIATELY.)

In conclusion, also randomly: This made me laugh way too hard. Like, I kind of snarfled Mountain Dew all over myself. (I have a strange sense of humor, what can I say.)

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